7 Sept 2008

WEEKLY WINNERS - Royal Palace Brussels

More participants here at Sarcastic Mom Weekly winners

Today I had to combine my "weekly winners" with another post about the Royal Palace in Brussels. Please go here for the pictures I have taken during my visit.


  1. Sheesh! I can't believe he didn't let you take pictures. Maybe he can't hear well.

    Really though, I enjoyed the outside and I will go back now and go to the link to "their" insider pictures!

    You were brave to be under there in that tunnel, I would have been sweating bullets. Too many evening news shows of earthquakes I guess.

  2. Dear Gattina ~~ I like both Autumn and Spring,
    but before too long it will be VERY hot here, which I doubt you would like. Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  3. I have given you a little gift of love over on my blog www.dackelprincess.com

  4. Good Happy Sunday to you Gattina!! So, below on your Saturday post...you watch the race?!! Bud likes this too. Love the photo that you have of the track. And Arthur? What a doll! Just had to giggle out loud with that photo share!!!

  5. Hi again....to answer your question you left in my comment. Ya, he has two months of not teaching, but he also has a full time job during the day [he teaches night classes at the university] being an investment broker also. He has not had a vacation since 1993.

  6. Lovely shots of Brussels, Gattina :) Brussels is a world away from me but I feel like I was "right there" as I viewed your pics :)

    I also liked the 2 of the King & Queen :)


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