26 Sep 2008


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My youngest cat, little Rosie is not that much an outside cat, she only goes out with "brother" Arthur or with me

Therefore I bought her a cat tower ! and she is so happy with it !

I received this handmade service some 25 years ago. It came from La Bretagne in France and is destinated for cider. But it is also very useful for white wine because the clay keeps the wine cool.

another service I inherited from my grandma. The glasses are handpainted and the service must be at least 80 years old. But it looks still new and I still have all 6 glasses !


EastCoastLife said...

The cat tower is cool!
You have some really cool antiques too! :P
Are you leaving them to your daughter-in-law?

Eppie said...

Fun & Original. Rosie is adorable!All the cats on that block must definitely be jealous!

I love those clay containers. They look eco-friendly.

Chez Nous said...

What lovely beverage sets! Rosie is very lucky to have such a great tower.

Hootin' Anni said...

Rosie and her very own cat tower! How cool is that? And I LOVE your grandmother's service set. The blue is so pretty and clear and bright!!! That is priceless.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Your little Rose looks adorable!
So beautiful the service you inherited from your Grandma!

Thanks for your nice words on my Anniversary post. I am glad you like the collage. I am so glad I found you too!

Penless Thoughts said...

I am really empressed with the 80 year old set and having ALL the glasses. Amazing and very lovely.

Manuela said...

Your kitty is darling and I bet she enjoys that tower! I love the patina on that clay service!


Dianne said...

Your kitty is so sweet! I love your sets and they are in great shape for their age.
Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Kathi said...

I'm happy for your kitty. I think all kitties deserve such a tower. Your special sets; both are so unique. The blue one is particularly wonderful since it was your grandmother's. Kathi

Lifecruiser said...

That is such a cute photo of Rosie! Looking like a young lady :-)

I know many that have got that kind of cat towers for their cats and the cats really seem to like them! That's so great!

You've got some unique things there -especially the hand painted ones. Lovely.

Jientje said...

This looks all sooooooooo cosy!!!

Mary said...


I love the service that was your grandmother's. What a wonderful treasure and keepsake and handpainted makes it even more delightful. Thanks so much for sharing. It's absolutely beautiful!!!

Kelli said...

Your treasures are beautiful, Gattina!

Melli said...

Grandma's service is lovely -- but not "me". I can still appreciate it's beauty though! But I LOVE your clay service! That is perfectly ME! I'm such a pottery fanatic! I absolutely LOVE the stuff - and don't OWN any! Is that crazy or what???

I hope Rosie continues to LOVE her cat tree! Mine gets used as a catch all most of the time... and then on the rare occasion Freedom wants to use it, she has to push through my things to get to it! Ugh...