11 Jul 2008


More participants are here at Kelly's Show and tell Friday

Of course I have to show and tell you about my 65 birthday we celebrated here at the Garda Lake ! I was really very spoiled !

These are me with the gifts I got from Mr. Gattino, of course all cats ! little wooden once a big one and another wooden one and of course the Venice Carnival mask !

We then went to a nearby beautiful little town Malcesine, which is called The pearl of the Garda Lake and had a glass there.

We sat just in front of the harbour where you can take a boat to make a roundtrip around the lake.

In the evening we went in a beautiful restaurant just under a mountain, with palm trees and cypresses and a lot of flowers around together with friends and a cousin and his wife.

Today I am back home and in the rain ! as soon as we crossed the Belgian border it started to rain. That was our welcome.

To all of you who wished me a happy birthday, I thank very much I was really touched.


  1. I missed your birthday Gattina so
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Is it your name day
    or birthday? I hope your vacation trip was wonderful! I am sure the
    catzen missed you a lot!

  2. Back at home! And now I guess you must find the lovely place at home for the mask! My mélissa is arrived in Liverpool! Elle est avec une autre française chez une retraitée qui a l'air bien sympa et qui leur a préparé hier soir pizza et frites! Premières impressions: maisons en briques rouges et surprise à la vue d'un petit enfant tenu en laisse.
    Bien contente de te savoir de retour au pays des bloggers!

  3. Welcome home!! glad to know you had such a great birthday celebration and many presents!

  4. I am glad your birthday was grand. Thank you for sharing it with me. I loved the cat mask and the water views!

  5. Glad to see you returned home safe and sound.

    Thank you so much for sharing your special birthday memories with us - celebrating in Malcesine... and all these pretty gifts... very well deserved :-)

    Schön, dass Ihr heile angekommen seid! Schade nur, dass das Wetter in Belgien nicht mitspielt. Bei uns gießt es auch in Strömen. Wenn ich könnte, wie ich wollte, wäre ich jetzt schon auf direktem Weg nach Espana... die Entscheidung ist gefallen, es dauert wohl nur noch ein wenig, bis alles geregelt ist. Aber ich kann's gar nicht mehr abwarten. =)


  6. Happy belated birthday, Gattina! Great presents!

  7. Gattina!!!!! Happy Belated Birthday sweet lady! What a grand celebration you had. And you, my dear, deserve to be spoiled.

    Too bad about the rain greeting you when you returned. Altho, with YOUR rainstorms, I bet it isn't quite as hot as it is here when it rains in the summer months.

    Welcome back to blogland.

  8. wow, what a nice celebration. that's really an advantage if you know someone in a place that you visit. they could give you tips just like the beautiful restauramt. i wonder what you had for the birthday meal :)
    yup, as soon as my summer break started, it also started to rain :( i'm sure when school starts, it would be super sunny and warm again.

  9. A belated happy birthday to you! That restaurant looks wonderful! You're all set for a masquerade party with that mask!

  10. Well, happy Birthday, Gattina! I'm sorry I missed your b-day! Love all your pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Missed you! :)

  11. Happy new year in your life!

  12. I popped over from Melli's when I saw you get rain all the time. Maybe Belgium is where I'll plan my next vacation. I live in Texas, and we are in another drought.

    Love your blog..it is so bright and cheerful and just plain pretty! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation, too. Belated Happy Birthday to you!

  13. How absolutely beautiful and what a way to be spoiled! Happy birthday to you. I was 58 on the 8th of July!

  14. Happy B-Lated Birthday Gattina! I love the mask :). What a fun time it looks like you had, thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  15. How fun! I love the picture of you modeling the mask!

    And a belated Happy Birthday!

  16. Welcome Back Gattina,Looks like you had a lovely Birthday celebration,and I
    Just love all your pressies especially the mask,im sure you will find a special place to hang it.
    Oh Gattina its so cold here now were well and truelly in Winter,we had a low of 2c overnight and only got to 11c today BBBBRRRRRr....

  17. Happy Belated Birthday, Gattina! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation and what lovely gifts! I love the cat mask!


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