8 Jul 2008


Today is my birthday and we will celebrate tonight in a beautiful restaurant in the mountains. They have fresh trouts right away out of a trout culture of which there are a lot around here.

It is a quite round birthday, 65, and it sounds very old to me. There must be a mistake in my birth certificate, I am sure !

I have got this beautiful Venice mask this morning, handmade with a certificate of origin ! A cat of course which made me very happy !

Tomorrow we will leave and drive home. Of course I have many pictures to show and a lot of stories to tell !

And here are some drinks for you

Salute (eh) !

Isn't that a beautiful mask ?

and some drinks for you ! They have an enormous choice with or without alcohol !


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear Gattina,
    happy birthday to you!!

    no link, I just wanted some color in the comment :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day, sunshine and kisses from your loved ones. The Venecian mask is just perfect for you and love the drinks. Cheers!!!

  2. Happy birthday to you, Gattina! Love the cat's mask! I knew Italian were the best for ice creams and now I know they are the best for drinks too!
    Sounds you had beautiful time in Italia!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gattina! And many happy more. Aren't you lucky to get to celebrate in Itali!

  4. Happy Birthday Gattina! Have a super day!

  5. Oh dearest Gattina, a very Happy Birthday to YOU! I've always thought summer birthdays were the best!
    I love the mask, and the fruit looks delicious!

  6. Ahhhhhh! HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY my friend!!! 65 is YOUNG! 90 is old! WOW! That mask is gorgeous! I will have what YOU are drinking! *clink* CHEERS!

  7. Happy Birthday yesterday! I was gone yesterday. That is a beautiful mask.

  8. Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! Ich schicke Dir eine knuddelige Umarmung direkt zum Gardasee... ja, ich habe laaaaange Arme =)

    Ganz liebe Glückwünsche auch con Frank und Luis - und von unserer Lily, die ja selber noch keinen Glückwunsch-Mucks von sich geben kann.

    Da die Kleine immernoch nicht ganz fit ist, verfolge ich momentan Deine Abenteuer über den google reader und schaffe es leider viel zu selten, "persönlich" vorbei zu kommen, geschweige denn, ein eigenes posting zu verfassen *seufz* - und dass, obwohl an Schlaf kaum zu denken ist.

    Du solltest mich mal sehen... ich glaub, ich schau aus wie 85 oder so - na ja, vielleicht ist's besser, Du siehst mich nicht *ggg*
    Was ich jedenfalls sagen will, ich altes Plappermaul:

    Happy happy Birthday -YOU will never ever age for me!

  9. Oh, by the way - the mask is very beautiful.

    Thanks a lot for all those delicious drinks... I'm cyber-drunk... and that's exactly what I needed right now. *hicc*

    Enjoy your evening in the mountains - und kommt mir sicher und heile nach hause! :-)

  10. Happy Birthday, my friend. Just remember -- we all age at the same rate, one year at a time. Our birthdays come around every year whether we want them or not, so may as well use it as an occasion to celebrate. Cheers!


  11. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! prost!

    Very beautiful mask for a lovely fine lady. Gattina, you are only as old as you think and do. With your wit, humor, adventures, interests and life you are not old at all but very young at heart and spirit :)

  12. Happy Birthday Gattina! Cannot wait to hera all the stories and see the photos. Have a safe trip home!

  13. Happy birthday to you, dear Gattina. You share your birthday with my daughter, who turned 38 on Tuesday.

    I adore that Venetian cat mask, it's absolutely beautiful. That is something I would buy, too.

    As for the drinks, I hope yours had some alcohol in it...just for your birthday. They're very artistic, aren't they?

    It'll be good to have you back and see your photos of your trip.

    Take care.

  14. Belated Happy Birthday Gattina! I'm sure you had a fantastic celebration.

    July 8 was also very special to me because it was my 8th wedding anniversary.

    That Venice mask is beautiful I have two Venice masks given to me by my aunt when she went there for a vacation.


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