10 Jul 2008


This is my last post from Italy. We are on the way home and Blogger will post it for me today.

13 Things which happened during our holidays at the Garda Lake in Italy

1. 3 terrible thunderstorms ! I am not used to at all, with fist thick hail (fortunately not in our little town) overfloading and little tornados which blew roofs away !

2. Our appartment was overfloaded, the water came out of the shower. We just had time to put our stuff on beds, sofa and tables.

3. The lightening was scaring and the thunder in the mountains so loud !

4. Mr. Gattino got a stiff neck, I suspect he looked too much at young girls !

5. While visiting the "Bell of Peace" above Rovereto (Mr. Gattino's home town) he discovered a picture of his father from 1945 being part of UNPA (which was a group helping against airforce attacks) who after eight years of silence made the bell ringing by their arms force.

6. The two ladies working there turned out to be friends of my SIL and knew the family very well !

7. While we had our picnic up in the mountains at another beautiful lake and we watched a rescue by helicopter. Next day we read in the newspaper it was a cyclist who will remain paralized.

8. I went with my girlfriend to the concert of peace which was helt in Rovereto. There were more than 3000 people listening to the music of different singers or groups from Europe.

9. People are protesting against a new American base project. The Bush governemnt wants 1200 soldiers here to protect them. Everybody is for peace but not with armed American soldiers and don't want any protection. Therefore they are very anti American. For American soldiers it would be very nice, because the base would be in very beautiful holiday place ! But I doubt very much that Bush has thought about that !

10. I saw twice a swan family, mom, dad and 4 babies crossing the beach amongst the tourists to join the lake !

11. We went to a beautiful restaurant up in the mountains, looking very austrian, specialized in spare ribs and roasted chicken.

12. I have never seen so many surfers in my whole life !

13. I will miss my lake !

The swan family on their way to the lake

The Austrian looking restaurant

The bell of peace and my father in law in 1945

Helicopter rescue

Protest everywhere : Peace yes, but not with a war base. No to the base of Dimattarello

The peace concert


  1. oh my, what a holiday! so many things happening! your life is always exciting gattina wherever you go.
    i'm sorry to hear about the cyclist.
    i'm glad you were able to put your things to safety before that flooding. imagine if your dear computer would have gotten wet!

  2. So many adventures at the lake!
    The nature sounds very wild with storms and winds! And water! Hopely you know swimming!!! Poor cyclist! Very sad for him! Very nice picture of your father in law under the bell! a good surprise for him! I don't understand why Bush wants to protect Italia missing soldats??? Perhaps a decision of Berlusconi?
    Ma fifille est dans l'Eurostar!!!

  3. Great list and beautiful pictures!!!

  4. Yes... if NOTHING else comes from the new Presidential administration, I hope that it will be a renewed respect for the American gov't -- both by our own people, and those of other countries! The Bush family has done nothing for our foreign relations!

    I'm sO glad you got that picture of the Swan family! How CUTE!!! Your trip was truly wonderful - I know you will miss it!

  5. Thank ou so much for sharing those fantastic photos - and our "Gardasee"-T13. (*LOL* @ #4)

    Fahrt schön vorsichtig!


  6. Sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to more storie and pictures!

  7. Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Happy TT.


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