12 Jul 2008


I am back home to Waterloo/Brussels and am freezing ! From 30 °C (86 F) to 17° (62 F) it is quite a difference ! Even on our way back through Austria and Germany it was hot and we were happy to have an aircondionned car ! As soon as we came into Belgium, first thing I thought was putting on the heating ! The house was quite cool and apparently we escaped to the sunshine in the right moment, because it had mostly rained over here.

Now I am busy to put everything in place, we have bought a lot of Italian cheese which is delicious and also some cold meat and ham. That's the only things which were cheaper then here. Italy has become very expensive for everything. Fruits are more expensive then home and general food too. The only thing which has remained cheap is wine !

Every spot you could park a car you had to pay for and a lot ! For one hour parking sometimes the price was 2 € (4.77 $ !) or more and if you add this to a drink on a nice terrace, there are easily min 15 € (24 $) gone ! When I think that 30 years ago we almost stopped at every Café to have a drink with friends !

As soon as I am updated with my household stuff, I will tell you a little more about what I have seen.

The peace bell, hanging in the moutains overlooking Rovereto (Mr. Gattino's home town)

Tremosine and the part of the Garda Lake where the last James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" was shot. This here is the hotel situated high above the lake where the crew was staying and all these famous cars parked.

an excursion to the Monte Baldo (1800 m high - 5906 ft) with a stunning view over the lake and mountains

A roundtrip through Verona, home town of Romeo and Julia

and the Lago di Ledro above the Garda Lake in the mountains


  1. What a nice trip in Italia you did! the parkings are the same here! You must pay everywhere! J'espère qu'un jour on ne va pas nous faire payer l'air que nous respirons! Mélissa who is in Liverpool was suprised with weather and said to me it is the winter there for her! Heureusement que je lui avais mis un ou deux petit pulls en plus au dernier moment! I think she will not use her summer dresses and tee shirts she put in her bag!

  2. We pay like that on this island to park anywhere. I paid $20.00 for 3 hours the other day! We should have taken the bus!

    I am reading about you freezing as I sit here in cut-offs and a tank top with my ceiling fans going. I am thinking it is still too hot to go to bed. I will just be too sticky and sweaty to sleep.

  3. Hi Dear Gattina,
    Ohh what a lovely trip you had To Italy. Gees I have missed a few posts here ill go have a read of them. , thats a lovely old building in Verona. ohh my you would never get me on that excusion.to Monte Baldo even though the views look stunning. I have a fear of heights...ill be back to see more..cheers |_| |_|

  4. Such lovely pictures and a very nice trip indeed. Hubby and I must get over to Italy before we get too old.

    OH...the acronym on my sign s wildwood west neighborhood association...that isn't really it, but don't want the internet bad guys to track me down.

  5. Gorgeous photos. The cool weather sounds terrific. It's awfully hot here in the desert. It is raining a little today - a welcome relief.

  6. so beautiful :)
    they showed in the television here that italy's prices for the tourists have increased up to 25% compared to last year, german tv says it is an expensive place to go and is warning the people of the sky rocketing prices. so you are not alone in this observation.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip. more pictures pleeeease... :o)


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