23 Mar 2008


Yesterday I have been to the Peking Circus show here in Brussels. These acrobates were absolutely phantastic ! I thought they don't have any bones, they moved around like snakes.

The show was based on a little romantic love story between a poor farmer and the Emperor's daughter, of course with a happy end. The soldiers who fought for the Emperor and the poor farmer performed Martial Art in an amazing dancing style.

It looks like one person with several arms and you really could believe it of course

they were three girls.

This girl is balancing burning torches in her mouth and on her feet

Dances with a one wheel bicycle

and a dance with a cloth

one of the scenes. The music, light games and direction were absolutely wonderful

The whole troup consisted of about 50 acrobates and they got a hurrican of applause !

If ever you have the occasion to see them, it is really worthwhile.

I found this little video on the net and it shows you much better what I have seen than my poor pictures !


Maribeth said...

That was great! Your pictures came out so well too!!!

claudie said...

Hello Gattina
What a marvelous spectacle! I would like to be there! The atmosphere is so special. It makes me think when I did Qwan Ki Do with Pierre (we were 19 and 20 years old. Hopping you have a better meteo today! Here we have a fresh air and wind. Pierre cuisine une bonne daube pour demain! Je pense qu'on va se régaler! Même si le temps n'est pas au top!
Bonne soirée

Melli said...

WOW! I'm impressed how well your photos came out! I always have such a hard time photographing events like these! (and most of the time cameras are not even allowed in the arena) This is WONDERFUL! IF I ever DO get the opportunity, you will BET I will take it!

I am curious though... how much do tickets cost to something like this in Belgium? In America the CHEAP seats would be about $75.00 -- I'm just wondering if things of this nature are AS expensive elsewhere. It makes it very hard to take a large family. I took everyone to see Cirque du Soleil a year or two ago - and it set me back a pretty penny!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely amazing. You just missed my new posting for the day. Altho, it's not much, it's a couple of photographs of an amaryllis that is blooming profusely this year!!! HUGE blossoms.

If only I could be that agile!!! What a great share.

Sanni said...

WOW! I wish I could go there! Now I wish even more. =)

Frohe Ostern!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, how exciting. Loved the pictures...I would love to see this. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Pamela said...

oh the most exciting things you do!

eastcoastlife said...

I've watched this performance in Singapore! The 'girl with many hands' was absolutely awesome!

I'm surprised they allow you to take pictures, I was stopped.

Suzanne R said...

How fascinating! I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. You got great pictures! Thanks for letting me know about your post here.