25 Mar 2008


Ruby Tuesday Meme Invitation

Praying' dog at Japanese temple

Attendance at a Buddhist temple in Japan has increased since the temple's pet, a two-year-old dog, has joined in the daily prayers. Conan, a Chihuahua, sits on his hind legs, raises his paws and puts them together at the tip of his nose. That's the solution !! The pope should train some of these dogs and send them in all catholic churches, maybe then there will be a little bit more people going to church !

Hypnotist' thief hunted in Italy
Police in Italy have issued footage of a man who is suspected of hypnotising supermarket checkout staff to hand over money from their cash registers.
In every case, the last thing staff reportedly remember is the thief leaning over and saying: "Look into my eyes", before finding the till empty. I am sure he learned it from the movie "Casablanca" it must have been very romantic for the cashier !

Hospital bridles at horse in lift

A Hawaiian hospital has restated its rules on pets after a man took a horse up in a lift in a bid to cheer up a sick relative with his favourite steed. Man and beast were stopped by security guards only after reaching the third floor, after apparently passing through the lobby unchallenged.
The patient was allowed to see them but it turned out to be the wrong horse. That's sad ! the wrong horse ! The patient must have been very disappointed !

Over-55s 'causing holiday havoc'
Older British holidaymakers are causing the sort of trouble normally associated with the younger generation, the Foreign Office has said.
Over-55s are endangering their health by drinking too much alcohol and trying out dangerous sports such as bungee jumping on overseas trips. That's great I invite all members of the "Over 50" to join the party !!

Bickering Belgians Agree on a Deal to Stay One Country
Belgium's feuding political parties agreed Tuesday to form a coalition government after nine months of political chaos that threatened to carve the seat of the European Union into separate nations. It lasted 10 month and you can read this comedy in the post below !

Hubby is dug up by badgers
BADGERS have wrecked seven graves in a churchyard – even digging up a beloved husband.
A dozen of them caused havoc after tunnelling under a wall to extend their sett from a neighbouring field. But church bosses say protection laws mean they can’t do anything about it until the badger breeding season ends in JUNE. Widow Shirley Webb, 72, was horrified when she found her husband Jesse’s gravestone had collapsed into a 4ft crater in the plot he shares with his mum Victoria. Why doesn't the police hire these badgers ? If ever they have to dig out a corpse for autopsy it would safe a lot of costs !

Prince Charles opens branch of Chas-da
Prince Charles proudly emerges from his very own supermarket yesterday – dubbed Chas-da by locals.He opened the £2million store, which sells gifts and posh organic groceries including biscuits, jams and meats, with wife Camilla.
All products come from the Prince’s Highgrove estate or are brands Charles uses – such as his favourite £6-a-bar soap.
So if every you need something for your household, go to Highgrove and be served by Prince Charles and Camilla ! That I call shopping !

I was invited by Cheerio to this new Ruby Tuesday Meme. I like the idea because there is no meme on Tuesdays as far as I know. As I have to tag some people, as usual I ask you to join if you like this meme and refer to my blog.

What are the Rules?
It's easy and simple:

1. Create a post that has the word or color RUBY or something else RUBY-related or TUESDAY-related in it.

2. In your post, create a link to the Ruby Tuesday meme invitation

3. Leave a comment here saying it’s done and at the Ruby Tuesday meme post.

4. Post your meme on Tuesday if you like.


Mar said...

LOL, I always enjoy your compiled news. I am off grocery shopping this morning, but unfortunately I won't make it to Camilla and Charles'
Happy Tuesday!!

Maribeth said...

That was the best compiled news yet! I always love the bit on Chuck and Cam! LOL

Melli said...

So... where is YOUR Ruby Tuesday post?

I can't believe the Hawaiian hospitals are anti-equestrian! What's WRONG with them???

I hope Mar doesn't run into your bandit while she's at the grocery store!!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What is so strange about a horse in a lift. You obviously have never been in Toronto during Grey cup Weekend (Canadian Football Championship) when Calcary is one of the teams. Some Calgarian invariably rides a horse into the Royal York Hotel, looking to take it to the suite reserved for the Queen no doubt.

Charles and Camilla selling stuff off the estate. Hmmm! may he never get his hands on the Crown Jewels. I wouldn't mind an inexpensive item/gift. . . .like a pet royal rock!