29 Mar 2008


There was an Old Timer race in Waterloo, just under the Lion who didn't even watch because he turns his head towards the UK.

The owners were very proud of course and although the weather was quite cool they showed us their cars which they pamper since years.

The little Fiat 500 is compared to the others a "new" car. Mr. Gattino had one like this when he was 20 !

Napoleon watched stoically

This maybe is not a very feminine subject and usually I am not interested in cars at all, but these old cars are really interesting to see. What a progress has been made since last century !


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see this event! Sounds very interesting. I had a fiat 500 when I was 20 I bought for 700 francs. i went to the faculty with! It was the good time! Felicitation I didn't know You were the 2 beauty in Cannes!!! i never have a such distinction because I'm only 1m58 and so I never expect to have a price when I was young!!!
Have a beautiful day, Gattina!
And dire que les journalistes londoniens ont soi disant comparé Carla à Lady Dy! Combien le nain les a t'il payé pour qu'ils disent cela?

Anonymous said...

Great! I love Oldtimer shows. There´s a Oldtimer race in Düsseldorf every year - and I so have to be there.

The cute little Fiat 500 is adorable. I always wanted to have such a "Bambnini", but my parents didn´t want me to buy one. Security reasons... Today I don´t have to ask anymore, but since my family is growing... *sigh*

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....this is just so super. Love the share. I bet that was fun to go see.

Anonymous said...

Mom loves old cars!

Maribeth said...

Hubby and I will almost always go when they have old car shows. We love hem.

Jeanette said...

Hi Gattina,
thanks for sharing these old cars its good to look back, and then see the progress made today..

Melli said...

Oh, I DO like old cars! There is a museum of them at Luray Caverns, where we like to visit sometimes. But they are only American models... so it's very cool to see some of yours!

maryt/theteach said...

I like old-time cars too, Gattina! Great photos! :D

Heart of Rachel said...

It looks like a very interesting and fun-filled event. Nice to see classic cars out on a race.