22 Mar 2008


Today it's Easter Saturday and our garden should look like this

the wheeping willow green and the air soft, the cats playing and flowers shyly coming out. BUT yesterday evening when I opened the windows to let some fresh air in ......

it had snowed !!! We haven't had any snow the whole winter and now at Easter it snows !!

This was the view this morning. The blooming bushes in snow !

Now I and my cats got a nervous breakdown, only Mr. Gattino didn't care because he is scotched to the TV screen and watching Formula 1.

Instead of swallowing pills we showed our depression in another way. Psychology is a mistery !


  1. What a gorgeous tree in the first picture and although I enjoy snow (in the *winter*) I found the next pictures sad. We have 70 degree weather on Christmas Day and we're supposed to get snow tomorrow too. What's up with that? Global warming is right--our president may be in denial but I'm not a fool. I know this is what is happening. :P Happy Easter in spite of the nasty weather!

  2. Yes, yoou know what I think of Global warming! With record breaking cold and snow it is ridiculous!

  3. We are getting snow here in Ontario, Canada too :(

    Happy Easter! :)

  4. Global warming means that greenhouse gases are being released that has made our weather wacky. While our upper states had severe cold we are almost tropical in this part of Virginia lately. When temps go up in the Arctic more water melts so some places will indeed be colder, not warmer. I think we have just completely thrown nature into a loop- America being the most to blame.

    Thank you for the Easter email, I loved it! I hope you enjoy your holiday. I am sooo glad it didn't snow here. But we will get a big freeze that will kill all my little budding flowers I'm sure!

  5. Hi Gattina...you and Melli dropped by my blog and left comments just in the 'knick of time'....I was about ready to shut the computer off and go shopping.

    Snow on Easter? Ya, we've had that happen here too....and in ARIZONA even. One year, we woke up to a heavy wet snow in the desert!!!!

    You and your cats...enjoy the can can dancing!!!! And Mr. Gattino, hope he enjoys the Forumla 1. Me? I'm gonna fight the mobs and the Mall's Easter Bunny and see if there are any bargains.

    Happy Easter.

  6. Gattina, that video is a scream! So funny!!

    Sorry you, Arthur, Rosie and the rest are having snow for Easter. Gandalf & Grayson are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

    Gandalf & Grayson's Mom

  7. Really impresse! I'd like to see the snow! Believe me or not but it is so rare here! Now we are waiting the real spring! But they say we'll have the rain on monday! And all the family eat at home! Hoping they are wrong with their prevision!
    Anaïs did a good job this afternoon at the shop! I think she will have the chance to work this summer! It is always an help for students. Elle m'a trop amusée en me racontant sa journée dans la boutique de souvenirs!

  8. Beautiful shots....Hope you had wonderful Easter celebrations!

    I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn't visit your blog for sometime...anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.

  9. Sometimes Winter sure don't want to go awy, doesn'it, Gattina.

    Here in western Canada, we are having gorgeous sunshines..

  10. We're getting snow and cold too, it's snowing in the mountains thankfully, but still too cold down here. THe poor robins are knocking at the door asking for a jacket!!! Even the cats won't go outside because it's cold. They started to lose their winter coats in molting and now are sorry because it's cold again.
    Deanna is right that we Lazy Americans are to blame for global warming, of course China and India are not too far behind us in blame.
    The ice is melting in the polar caps causing the tempuratures to fluxuate, so we are getting cold and heat where its not normal. When the oceans rise and California is covered in water, then the global warming story will be believed.
    The season's are changing - and it's a bit scary.
    If gas prices are high in other countries as they are in the US ( I paid $3.65 per gallon yesterday) why don't we all park our cars and force the gas companies to lower prices? As for us Americans, we're too fat, lazy and feel like we're owed a car and the gas to go wherever we want to go.


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