21 Mar 2008


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This year I didn't have very much work to decorate our living room for Easter. I had bought completely new things last year so I just had to put them up again. There only was one trouble, I had put the baskets away without realizing that there were still real eggs in ! You can imagine the smell which came out of the plastic bag when I opened it ! Now it doesn't smell anymore and here is my Easter decoration :

an overview.

And as usual some items out of my cat collection

Cats are like Russian dolls, you can put them one in the other, some friends gave them to me when they visited us

and these very cute ceramic cats my blogfriend Melli sent to me all the way from Maryland for Christmas.


to all of you !


  1. Hi Gattina. sorry ive been slow getting here, I have a houseful and more comming for easter break, so will get back as soon as i can...
    Wishing you and Mr Gattina A Very Happy Easter.
    Phewwwww Rotten eggs oh boy dont they smelllllll,
    Love your decorations and of course more of your cat collection.
    specially your cats with bunny ears.....

  2. Happy Easter to you too Gattina. Here in America, we call them "nesting dolls"...the ones that fit into each other from smaller to larger. And your kitty nesting dolls are fantastic!!!!

  3. Ohhhhh my goodness! YEAR OLD eggs??? EW! You know... somehow seeing BUNNIES in your home is just... wrong. LOL! But the baskets are very pretty! I love those butterflies! Now... those pretty little kitties ... THEY fit right in! And I LOVE those nesting ones! And awwwwwww.... the ones I sent! It's good to see them!

  4. Wonderful and friendly Easter decorations.
    Our Cats would have catched them at once

    Happy Easter

  5. Gattina, your Easter decorations is lovely I think - made with love and care and with style!

    I wish you and your husband A Happy Easter with joy!

    Btw1: Thanks for your Easter eCard - so very sweet of you!

    Btw2: I guess you know Tor is with us in our vacation home in Sweden right now and I looked over his shoulder when he made the Easter post with the vid to you - hilarious and great - your worth it!

  6. Happy easter Gattina! what a marvelous easter decoration!
    I didn't have time to decorate! I come back keeping the daughters at a pop concert! hourra! l'inspection est passée! All is ok now! Mon inspectrice a été super sympa! Elle a trouvé ma pédagogie nickel chrome et m'a juste dit de vicer les monstres, enfants rois, nés de parents élevés dans la tradition Dolto! Pas de justification quand on veut quelque chose! Obéis et tais toi!!!
    Bé alors alors si j'avais su j'laurais adopté depuis longtemps cette technique! Allez les gosses! Ecoutez la maîtresse et en avant!

  7. the decor is great... but I can't get over the rotten eggs from last year. You never cease to amaze me.


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