18 Mar 2008


Thirty-two pitched drills descend towards 32 gaping mouths, as white-gowned dentists prepare to get to work.
The "phantom head" room at the UK's newest dental school is not the place for someone who's scared of the dentist. How terrible ! looks like a horror movie ! Don't you have to go to the dentist ??

Pensioner inspired by Red Arrows

Ms Poole's instructors praised her determination
An office worker inspired to take up flying after watching the Red Arrows is thought to have become the oldest woman in the UK to get a pilot's licence. Anne Poole, 65, of Farr, near Inverness, passed the final part of her test in a Piper PA38 Tomahawk.The achievement came after three years of training at Inverness Airport. OK then I have just the right age !

Antagonism rife in the ant world

Anti-social behaviour was revealed by DNA fingerprinting of ant colonies
Ants are renowned for their ability to work together, and put the good of the community ahead of personal concerns. But new research suggests that their colonies are actually hotbeds of devious, selfish and corrupt behaviour. What a dillusion ! Now crimes, terrorists and serial killers also in ants communities ?? What a world !

Japanese company presents underpants which make men loose weight.

A japonese company presented an underpant for men to help them loose weight around their waists without any effort. Ladies ! what are you waiting for ? Go and buy one for your man and he will look like the once on this picture !

Wardens intoxicated with a Cake
Four wardens of a Danish prison had to be hospitalized because they had eaten a cake prepared by the prisonners. The cake was full of drugs. I think this cake tasted very good because they ate it all ! That was a very nice gesture of the prisoners !

There was no picture of the mafia guy so I took this one

A mafia member freed from jail because of obesity
A sicialian court decided to free a prisoner belonging to the mafia because he was too big to fit in an Italian prison cell. Salvatore Ferrante who at 36 put 210 kgs (463 lbs) on the balance was authorized to go home after having been in four different prisons. Wardens had complained that they had to help him undress, dress, help him walking and going to the restroom. So if ever you are arrested put on weight until you don't fit in the cell !


  1. Okay.....come on, what's wrong with the Japanese anyway? Why do they not do this for women? I know in their country women are still considered inferior to men, but hey....we need those pieces of underwear too. LOL

    And yes, Gattina....come on down to Texas, I'll show you around all the spots here that are of special interest.

    Thanks for the visit.

  2. Hi Gattina ~~ What an idea ~ too fat to fit in prison. Mind you that chap is in his own prison if he can't dress himself etc. Thanks for your comments and I don't worry about St Patrick's Day either, but there were lots of jokes etc on the blogs.
    For those who do celebrate.
    Have a Happy Easter my friend, Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  3. I thought that big guy at the end was Tom Cruise overweight. Right in his face he looks like him.
    I do not want a Japanese guy for a husband..Smile!!
    Hope your day is going great. Sandy

  4. My how Tom Cruise has expanded. Freakin' no doubt.

  5. LOL...Interesting and odd facts, Gattina....That certainly is an interesting way to get out of being in prison...!
    And I may just buy those Japenese underpants for myself! (lol)

  6. I think the mafia guy looks like a fat Tom Cruise! LOL

  7. I'm not looking at that head! Or those men. Or Mafia guy! UGH! This news was all horrible today! Really, I guess the Japanese may be on to something... but didn't the US already TRY that for women... a LONG time ago -- like in the 50's?! Anyway... I'm sufficiently repulsed! Thank you! :)

  8. I need some of those undies for myself. :)

    I like the chubby photo. :)

  9. my dentist told me that the patient before me was complaining. She said "I hate going to the dentist. I'd rather have a baby then go to the dentist."

    so my dentist said:
    "Well, make up your mind and I'll adjust the chair."


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