22 Dec 2007


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If ever you don't have all your Christmas gifts yet and you suffer from a lack of ideas, I found some very nice articles for you.

This ear warmer is absolutely perfect for your husband or partner

Your aunt, cousin or friend live alone ? Here is the perfect cushion

Need some practical suit for your baby ? It cleans your floor at the same time

A decorative scarf for both male and female family members

Somebody very carying for her shoes ? The perfect solution

There is certainly somebody in your family who complains about too hot food this would be an adequate gift !

A nice gift for your dog and partner

End the bathroom battle of the sexes ! Lights up the bowl when the lid is up and turns off automatically when the lid is lowered ! Avery nice gift for each couple !

A toilet tune ! Are you guilty of running the faucet, because of eventual noises ? Installs on your existing toilet and is easy to operate… just flip up the lid to start tunes, and close to stop.

Vanity PC
For a family member with a discerning taste and a passion for technology will appreciate the ability to hide unsightly computers within a multitude of furniture designs.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hahahaha! Where on earth did you find those, Gattina? Who would actually wear a scarf like that...lol! But there are some people who would buy gifts like that...I think the Bullshit Protector is one that would be most practical.

eastcoastlife said...

What great Christmas gifts! I'm sure my friends would appreciate them and love me to bits. hahaha......

Gosh, that scarf is hilarious!

Jeannine said...

This is funny. I love the baby suit!!!
Oh and I have tagged you! Please check on my Blog for details.

(I just read what you wrote about who is allowed to post a comment on you Blog and realized, that I really shouldn't have as I am definitely quite disturbed... uhm...)

Maribeth said...

LOL, those are so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the suggestion,.. they were too funny. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Where can you find all these funny ideas! You have a such humour!
Et voilà les vacances enfin! pas tout à fait! Anaïs devait faire une soirée avec 10 jeunes et en voilà plus de 30! Je craque! Heureusement la plus jeune est moins fofolle sinon ... pauvre de moi!

Shelia said...

LOL, LOL! Love the lonely woman's pillow. These are great gifts Gattina. I wish I knew where to get that pillow, I have several friends who need it!

Vlado&Toni said...

hello gattina, what lovely suggestions you have :) got to grab one of those umbrellas for my shoes :) so i'll look quite fancy it case it rains tomorrow on christmas eve.
Merry Christmas. You are right I haven't had much chance to blog too busy with my in laws and work. Thank God for the week off :)