7 Aug 2007


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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
These nice birds are waking me up every morning !

Even on holidays I am reading the news on internet and was informed that 60 % of the british population (mostly women) do not want that Camilla, Prince Charles now wife
attends the memorial service which will be held for Diana's 10 year death. Now I wouldn't like either that my husband "moarns" me together with his former mistress. Anyway THE QUEEN and little Philip will be probably more bored and upset then sad.

That was all for royal news. I am disappointed. But ! Film star Eddie Murphy has for the first time publicly acknowledged he fathered a child with Spice Girl Mel B. That at least will lighten my day !

The actress Cybil Shepheard says that Bruce Willis kisses like an old camel. I wonder how she knows, I couldn't say that because so far I never kissed a camel.

My friend the french prime minister Nicolas Sarkosy who is staying at a luxury villa in New Hampshire (he really likes luxury which doesn't fit at all with his official political thinking) shouted at two American news photographers and jumped onto their boat during his holiday in the US. It's not said if he felt in the water due to his short legs.

And this : At least 6 cups of coffee per day are good for women memory ! This was discovered by a french research center. Why for heavens sake I don't have a memory like an elephant, misplace things, don't remember names, don't recognize people ? There must be something wrong with the research, because I drink a lot of coffee and certainly more then 6 cups !

A good thing happened too, a cuba mafia godfather died ! That's one less, better then nothing.

A big title jumped into my eyes ! "Pencil removed from German's head" A woman in Germany who has spent 55 years with part of a pencil inside her head has finally had it removed. Poor girl she will miss it, but how did she manage to get it in ??

In a restaurant in Beijing a BBC reporter was served : Donkey and Russian dog penis and testicles (good for the skin), sliced and pickled ox penis, Snakes (they have two penises each !) I didn't know that ! See you learn every day. And with that you can drink a Deer-blood cocktail with Sheep, horse, ox, and seal penises - which should be excellent for the circulation. The restaurant owner claims himself a nutritionist. Unfortunately it's not said if the reporter now can make happy a considerable amount of women and enjoys a very good blood circulation. Have a nice meal anyway !


MaR said...

Glad you keep yourself informed even on hols and that you share that with the blogosphere!
I am not sure I would like to be a BBC reporter in Beijing, lol.
The French PM truly likes luxury!!
Keep the sunshine, the first rain drops are finally falling down here! my plants are happy. I am too!
Keep enjoying your vacation :)

MaR said...

And I am not sure about coffee being good for the female memory: see? I forgot to mention this in my comment, and I drink 6 cups alone during the morning! weak coffee in a tall mug...

Unknown said...

*LOL* Did they use a pencil sharpener to remove the pencil???

Ich trinke im Schnitt 8 Tassen Kaffee pro Tag. Wahrscheinlich wäre ich ohne Kaffee doof wie Bohnenstroh... obwohl... das liegt ja im Auge des Betrachters, oder? Vielleicht bin ich´s ja auch trotz Kaffee =D

Schön, dass ich auch während Deines Urlaubs Compiled News geniessen darf!
Ich wünsche Dir noch gaaaaanz viel Spaß, meine Liebe!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you would have even worse memory if you didn't drink all that coffee...? *giggles*

Suddenly I got to know why I have started to drink much more... coffee, not alcohol. well, yes at the cruises, butt that's mostly Dom, that doesn't count, does it? *giggles*

Come and see some funky cat art in Paris when you get the time for it :-)

Melli said...

Gattina, Gattina, Gattina... I can NOT believe with ALLLLLL the many experiences you have had in your life, all the FABULOUS stories you share with us, the multitudinous adventures of your past... that you have NEVER kissed a camel! Come ON! What are you WAITING for????

Vlado&Toni said...

hello gattina, thanks a lot for the news update, now i know what's happening with the world, actually you have it better than me, in case you are using a computer there from an internet shop or hotel, because at least it speaks in english, well as for me, i don't understand the commands and pop outs that come out of the screen because they are all in greek! and i'm getting frustrated that i've lost some of my written comments and posts :( this is the third comment, hope it works, enjoy your holiday, watch out for those birds!

Vlado&Toni said...

oopps so i read- you have your computer with you, lucky you!!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Oh my! I didn't know penis humour was allowed. Have I got a funny video for you. . . . perhaps, not.