9 Aug 2007


Pookie is shocked about my TT

13 things you should never say when having sex

1. Finished ? I have a meeting

2. You look much better in the dark

3. You are just like your sister

4. Oh Jane oh Jane ! hrrrm Mary !

5. Can you wake me up when you are finished ?

6. Would you mind if I leave my rubber boots on ?

7. What do we eat for breakfast ?

8. What was your name ?

9. Be careful when you undress, my bulldog is shortsighted and he loves sausages

10. Have you already heard about Viagra ?

11. I thought it would be worse

12. Did I mention that my grandma died in this bed ?

13. What ? that's all ?


  1. I'm first here. Your list made me really smile.
    Thanks for the visit.

  2. Hi Gattina ~~ I am so glad that you are enjoying your holiday in England
    I hope you enjoyed shopping and visiting your friend's daughter.
    Glad you like my old photos, and I look forward to seeing some of yours when you get home again. Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  3. Good ones! Though in my experience, this one is also unpopular: "Have you gained weight?"

  4. Oooh aaaah! That's a list that every lover should have!

  5. I am sooooooooo choking up here...with laughter. Love the short-sighted bulldog!! Truly, truly Gattina, you did superbly this week.

    MY KINDA subject. *wink*

    Hope you had a great birthday!!

  6. You look much better in the dark??? Bulldog loves sausages??? *LOL*

    Perfect, thanks for reminding me to keep our dog jersey out of the bedroom... though... she´s a Labrador... they only want to play *grin*

    Solange die tote Oma nicht noch im Bett liegt könnte mich das nicht sonderlich schocken. *grins* Okay, ich geb zu, das war´n Scherz! ;)

  7. I do look better in the dark... darn it.

  8. You know... I can totally understand how some of these things MIGHT be a turn-off! Mm-hm... yup! I can!

  9. I've had the unfortunate occasion to use #13 (albeit only in my head) on a couple of occasions :-(

    thanks for visiting!

  10. Funny! Another idea would be things people think but don't say while having sex! Sex is just a funny topic, isn't it?

    The ink has dried on my 13.

  11. Better not say anything I can tell LoL

  12. Ahem! I will have you know I ONLY took the dragon test ONE time... and it was right on! And I think your GOLDEN dragon is quite accurate also! I knew you couldn't be green... I suspected you MIGHT be purple like me... but a mischievous prankster I think suits you to a Tee! I'm thinking that dragon test is ON to something!

  13. Bonjour Gattina et oui il est 1h25 là! et bien dis donc elle a raison Pookie d'être choquée! Elle dit pas des choses comme ça aux matous elle! Dailleurs dis moi un peu si Pookie a des fiancés?
    Tu peux venir chez moi à Monaco si tu as 5 minutes mais prévois une belle robe de bal car il n'y a que le captain et moi qui sommes déguisées! On se sent un peu seules! Après si ça te dis on porra faire un tour en ferrari!
    En tout cas profite bien de ton séjour! J'espère que Londre c'était bien!

  14. LOL

    "This blog is rated G"


    Here's my other link:


  15. This TT was funny as hell! I am proud to say that I have never said any of these... or had them said to me.

  16. I just love, no adore #9. Could have been me saying it.... *giggles*

  17. Oh Gattina, what a "hoot". So funny!

  18. OMG, this is too funny! LOLOL.

  19. i love number 9!!! hilarious!


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