24 Feb 2024


Monday honored us with a rain, wind and dark clouds, a weather to remain in bed. I tidied up my room, and then I watched TV and read Blogposts.  Later in the afternoon I went to the restaurant for a coffee and found some others who had the same idea and then we played UNO again, because we all like this game and for once I won ! A miracle !

The next day I finally went to the Charity Shop with the two bags full of pullovers, T-shirts and other things which I would never need here because it is too warm everywhere and it only takes space, which I needed for the "replacements" I bought ! Now I have new feathers ! I also bought games for us when no entertainment is organized so that my roommates don't get bored! I found 5 decks of cards for €5, you can be generous for that price ! In a normal shop you wouldn't even get one game for the same amount. When I came back with the cards they were all very happy and wanted to try out one game, but it was too late.

My ancient neighbors had asked me to come one afternoon, which I did and they told me that the owner of my apartment had put a poster in front of the building that it was for rent ! I wonder then when he had done all the renovations which he claims me to pay ! I had told him I just give him back the 2 month rent which were blocked in my bank as guarantee for eventual damages. He had written me miles of emails and threatened to take me to court but I didn't give in, I hadn't broken anything, how ? Living alone with a little cat ? I swear I had no elephant living with me who could justify the invented damages.  

I wrote this to him,  and so far he hasn't contacted me again.  My neighbors then told me, the apartment was already rented ! I found this really outrageous. He really takes me for an old stupid woman. I don't move, he will see. 

This is the only thing which could bother me, but meanwhile I only laugh. Despite the bad weather I feel good and the afternoons with our games are always very funny and we laugh a lot. 

But at 5 pm I return into my room and then eat my supper in peace in front of the TV. Sometimes I think, especially in the morning, that I'm just on vacation here and will be going back home soon, and then I remember that I'm home!

Rosie's favorite view !

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  1. I love your perspective on both the landlord (don't back down to him!) and living where you do. You've made friends and are enjoying all the games and meals. Then you can simply return to your apt and relax with Rosie.
    Have a good week!

  2. How nice that you feel you are on holiday and then have the happy realisation that you are home already.

  3. I'm glad you're liking where you are. I'm hoping I'll soon settle in my new apartment. Moving day is this coming Thursday, all being well.

  4. How neat to find so many games at the thrift shop! I have a box of things I need to take to ours. It's great you can play games with others when you want or have some quiet time in your room when you want.

  5. Well hopefully you won't hear any more from your old landlord. We play Uno with the grandkids.

  6. Good for you for standing your ground. I really get mad hearing of people trying to take advantage of seniors. Love that you have such a great perspective of your new home. Great deal on the games, enjoy playing them with your new friends. Congrats on your UNO win!


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