19 Feb 2024



Rosie is birdsitting. Neighbor is on holidays !






Saturday we could go out again in the sun it was warm. I started my walk, met others of course and finally we rested on chairs and chatted together taking our first sunbath. 

The first girl is the daughter of the second and she had put her mobile in the grass and quickly returned to her chair so that we were all on the picture. 
She had made walking her mother who is in recovery here for a couple of month. The daughter   is very speedy, talks like a machine gun and had discovered a statue of a hidden Madonna under scrubs and ivy and had half cleaned it, she suggested that we should continue, but we refused, Too lazy ! 
Apparently  there are other treasures in the park and as Eric the manager had given us green light to work and plant in the park, it had made a lot of women happy who had missed gardening, not me !! Good idea, but unfortunately the next day it rained again. I couldn't take a picture of the half cleaned Madonna. The nuns who had occupied the convent had left some traces which were hidden, as the park had been neglected for years. She also has the intention to clean the mini golf which everybody appreciated. Now it is covered with moss, and impossible to use. 

Sunday was terrible wind, rain, and dark ! Lot of residents who expected visitors were disappointed because nobody wanted to drive in this windy wet weather. I tidied up my closet because I take out thing and throw them back when I have worn it ! So the inside of my closet was a mess. Then I collected the mice which Rosie had distributed all over the place during the night. This beast sleeps during day ! The cleaning woman told me that Rosie did this on purpose to check if she cleans in the corners ! 

In the afternoon I went to join the others for a coffee and learned a lot again about life was before, as they talked about their grandparents (!) a lot of them have been in the Congo, ancient colony of Belgium, where lots of them had made their fortune and when they had to leave in 61, they left a mess in this country (which is still in a mess).

My son and grandson had arrived in Northern Italy for a week of skiing. I got the first picture.





  1. Hope the birds wil survive until they return

  2. Yes I hope those birds will be ok and not suffering from heart palpitations with Rosie so close! Make sure Rosie is fed well too so she doesn't get hungry and want a snack lol

  3. Bird sitting. Rosie will be near them often. Adorable shots.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  4. What a good girl Rosie is to bird-sit for your neighbor and for keeping track of the cleaning lady's work! It's really nice, by the way, that your 'castle' staff takes care of those stray kitties who are no longer homeless since they have that nice shed and get fed.

  5. Glad you could have a walk and sunbake. The photos of Toby are lovely.


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