12 Jan 2024


This week the weather was beautiful, sunshine but very cold. My ancient neighbor who keeps my mail which arrives still at my old address, called me to tell me that there were two letters for me. I was a bit surprised, because I had asked officially with x papers which I had filled in, to change my address. 

One of the letters which my neighbor had taken came from the mail office to inform me that they had changed the address and they sent the information to my old address. I wonder what studies the post employees have done ! 

From Tuesday on I went out each day ! I brought the clothes which I don't wear anymore to the shop who sells them for battered woman, I bought a big knife to cut cake for eventual guests, I sorted out my dirty clothes and and a girl picked it up. I was happy that I got back a bit of my energy. 

I took my afternoon coffee with two ladies and we decided that in summer we will do some things together. This week our  occupational therapist (I would call her entertainer) was on holidays, so I didn't miss anything. I tried to buy some boots, but the only once which I liked had not my size. 

I also visited Nicole in her home. Since I am here I haven't visited her. Unfortunately her condition had worsened and she could no longer walk without help, only her head was as clear as ever. But she didn't make anymore plans for the future. When I got home I thought how nice it would be if she hadn't taken that horrible nursing home. What a difference, here you feel at home, there you are in a hospital.

Our post service is really special, I wonder which people work there as civil servants, in any case they are not blessed with any special intelligence. I had changed my address and filled out a form online. I got my mail here to my new address pretty quickly. So I was surprised that my former neighbor called me to tell me that she had a letter from BPost (that's their new name) for me. I was really surprised and asked her to open the letter. It was the confirmation that from x. date my mail will be sent to the new address ! So why did they send me the letter to my old one? Someone probably slept more than usual.

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And so another week has passed, which is nice, the days are getting longer.


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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better and have some energy back. I'm sorry to hear about Nicole. That's really odd about the post office notice. I'm glad, too, that the days are getting longer.

  2. Your place doesn't probably have a section for ill people like Nicole. I suppose, she needs more than socializing; she needs medical treatment.

  3. You do have to wonder how some organisations operate. I'm surprised they didn't send a notification to you at your new address to inform you that they'd changed your address! Honestly, nothing surprises me.
    I'm glad the days are improving for you but sad to hear about Nicole.

  4. Glad you made some new friends to make plans with and I"m sorry to hear about your friend NIcole. It sounds like she needs a lot of medical care that your place probably can't accomodate or provide for her.
    Have a good weekend..I, too am thankful the sun is shining and the days are getting a little longer. YAY!!

  5. I think your postal workers attended the same school as our newspaper delivery group. Six phone calls and three months and still no paper.
    It sounds like you are getting your energy back. That is good to hear. I'm glad you were out and about for your errands to and to see Nicole.
    Have a good week!

  6. That mail business happens all over the world I expect. A woman here queried our social security service as to why her pension had stopped. They told her she had died. It took a lot of work on the woman's part to prove she hadn't died.

  7. Good to hear you sounding better and getting out and about again. How annoying about the post though. Have a good weekend.

  8. The comments on the mail service made me smile. The same happens here even though people have paid to have the mail forwarded to their new address. Good to hear you are getting out and about again.


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