1 Dec 2023


This is the second week I am in my new home. and I have the impression that I don't want to leave my cozy room anymore. I still eat alone, lots of people make me tired.

I sleep really well when they let me! The first time, my room was lightened in the the middle of the night and I woke up and thought I was illuminated by headlights! A man was standing in front of my bed who I would have liked to jump at the throat. My door was looked and he got in with his key. I was furious and threw him out, not very politely, and he escaped just saying "I wanted to know if everything is OK" ! I told him so far it was but now not any more ! I am not in the Alzheimer section !

The second time I slept like a baby when the fire alarm went on so loud that those who were half dead are certainly dead by now. I went to the door and looked on the floor nobody there so I returned in my bed and cat Rosie too still with round eyes like an owl, The alarm continued for a while and then stopped and I fell asleep again. Not angry that I had to flee outside, because it was quite cold.

The manager came and asked if I like it here and I said yes except the man who nearly caused me a heart attack. He apologized because the man wasn't allowed into the room when the door was locked.  He was  new. Then he admired my room how nice it looked, petted Rosie and then continued his round.

My friend Laura did some shopping for me, I needed fruits and food for Rosie, and  she came here for the first time. She laughed when she entered the room, she said it looks exactly like in my apartment only the dining space is missing. She was surprised that it didn't look like a home or a hospital.

My clothes are still in the bags,

I started unpacking but it was such a mix of winter and summer things that I stopped after 10 minutes I was breathless. I'll wait until the weekend and if I still haven't done it then I'll ask for help.


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  1. That would be scary to wake up to a strange man in your room. I'm glad the manager comes around to check on things. There's no hurry on unpacking everything--just do a little as you can. It's good your friend can shop for you and bring things to you.

  2. are you in an assisted living facility or a nursing home? i'm confused. Last I was on your blog you were in an apartment. Wherever you are living, I hope things go well for you and that you enjoy the start of the Advent season.

  3. I would have been horrified to find a stranger in my room in the middle of the night. More training needed!

  4. Oh wow, what a scary moment for you. I hope everything calms down for you. Take your time as you get settled. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Oh my goodness that must have been scary, waking up and finding a man in your room. And then a fire alarm. Hope you have a more peaceful weekend!

  6. I would not appreciate waking to find someone standing at the end of my bed! I'm sure you know the English expression "I threw him out on his head". That would be my reaction too.
    It sounds like the manager is a good guy and cares for everyone.
    Having your new place look so much like your apt must make it feel more like home.

  7. Yikes that would have been scary to wake up to. Nice that a manager checks in to make sure you are happy with the place. Glad Rosie is with you. Your friend commenting on your new place looking like your old place made me smile.


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