2 Nov 2022


Here is the continuation of the museum "Terroir à Villeneuve d'Ascq" which had been a farm,  transformed into a museum showing the tools, furniture etc, used in the beginning of 1900.  Some of the tools I showed in last  Wordless Wednesday

The bed of the farmer's couple seemed a bit small to me ! Probably the people were little

Instead of taking a shower and go to the restroom, you have to wash yourself in the porcelain bassin and the "piss pot" was under the bed.

my grandma still had such a sewing machine

 The baby had it's craddle

and the dining room was in the kitchen

The pots were very heavy

and there was already running water !

Some people the life here as "good old times", I personally prefer a big bed, a shower, a toilet and a microwave or easy cookers !!


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  1. No wonder people had so many children in olden times with such small beds for two. It could have easily been accidental.
    The running water is interesting. It must have such a big thing but not coming out of taps where it is needed.
    I am with you. Modernity in many ways is good.

  2. I like the woodwork on the bed in the first photo.

  3. Oh my- lovely photos! We still have Great Grandmas sewing machine!

  4. It might be fun to try it for a day or two...sort of like being without power...or like primitive camping...but then I too, would want to go back to my 'comforts', LOL!

  5. I like that indoor well in the last picture. My mother had a sewing machine like that.

  6. My grandmother had an antique sewing machine like that. I bet it would be worth a lot of money these days.
    Thank you for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/10/i-dont-see-one-of-these-very-often.html


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