24 Apr 2022


Each Sunday morning there is a flea market in Waterloo, which starts at 8 am and finishes at 2 pm

It's amazing which kind of things you find here ! The worst I have ever seen was a basket containing false teeth !

It started with an emergency, fortunately there was a bench

Of course there are also a lot of tourists. Usually I always see them with a camera here it was with nappies !

I wonder where this poor head will hang on a wall !

Need glasses ?

 Lucky little doggy 

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  1. A basket full of false teeth? Shudder. And surely you would need to try them on/in before you bought them. Another shudder. And a third for that poor head.
    The markets look like a heap of fun though - and I would be busy with my camera.

  2. Seems like everything from soup to nuts is sold there! LOL! Loved the kitty with a sword.

    When you take your baby somewhere...well, you never know when things will happen...yup, I remember those days too well, tee-hee!

  3. Digging though that loot who know what one can find. My parent had a berry business and one time I believe it was my mom she found a set of false teeth.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. We are always amazed at some of the things on sale at these things but, thankfully, I've never seen false teeth!

  5. I enjoy going to flea markets although I haven't been to one in years.


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