7 Jan 2022


There is no much to say for this week after the year's end celebrations, everybody recovered. 

When I had visited Rick on Saterday, I found a pile of laundry, sweater, pants and jogging trousers that I should have come with a truck. 

That was too much for me and I complained of course to the Manager and not a poor nurse. Rick has gotten worse lately and is constantly changing, mixing clean clothes with dirty clothes and of course there is no point in explaining anything to him.

The day before yesterday there was  little laundry, actually normal, apparently my "Charm complaint" worked. I don't mind washing the laundry, I throw it in the machine, press the button and then do other occupations like answering Christmas cards or watch a crime story, but a funny one. You don't always need to see blood or stomach contents or intestines like in "The Experts" 

The Christmas things are now all gone and waiting to be taken to the cellar, but I haven't found the energy yet, that will come one day, I don't give up hope. 

Now my living is prepared for spring, but with the rain and cold weather I will have to wait a while. Global warming has forgotten my part of the world. Global cooling has been in place here for 3 weeks! That's why there are no new pictures. 

I had received a text message that I should show up for my third vaccination, which is also called a booster. I would prefer to get a booster against my lack of energy, but this is apparently foreseen to protect me from the O Virus, I always forget the name. I have been told that most of the people have a bad side effecte to the vaccine, like headache, running noses, a stiff hurting arm, constipation or  the opposite. Now I am curious what I will get ! Probably something completely different, perhaps a big wart with 3 hairs on my nose. 

There were a lot of people and I had to wait 10 min, therefore I took the opportunity to take a picture of the nurses who cleaned what a sensible soul had vomited on the floor. 

I had never believed that there are so many heros amongst the males who faint when they see the needle

My shopping is done, the fridge and freezer are full, there is enough toilet paper, Rosie doesn't need any so I am ready for the booster vaccin side effects !

Rosie should also get a booster or more, this lazy girl !

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  1. I didn't have side effects to my first two shots, Astra Zeneca, but I had a sore arm for two days after my booster of Moderna.

  2. I was only tired after my Phizer vaccine #1 and had NO side effects after #2. Not sure if I'm getting the booster yet.......may wait on that a bit.....have been super healthy and work with special ed prek children so my immune system is fairly strong I guess!!

    We are finally getting some winter weather here in New York State...i live on the eastern side of the state about 2.5 hours north of NYCity. We haven't had snow yet until this morning so my school has been delayed for 2 hours.

    ENJOY the weekend and good luck with the booster!!

  3. I'm surprised you have to do the laundry, and not the facility he's in.

  4. I think Rosie needs a shot of energy booster!
    We too are having cold cold weather. Hence, no pictures in my post. But at least today there is sunshine. But be of good cheer-- only 72 days until SPRING.

  5. I hope you don't suffer too badly after the booster. I felt quite unwell for a couple of days but I think it's worth that small amount of suffering to feel protected against this latest wave.

  6. I have never had issues with needles, but I'm a regular blood donor.

  7. So glad your getting your booster.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. It's very cold here, too--our temperatures were in the teens this week. I keep reminding myself every day is one day closer to spring. And they say hard freezes kill bugs and their eggs, so I am hoping that's true.

    It's amazing how much energy is required to take care of Christmas decorations. I was thankful to have help.

    I hope the booster doesn't give you any problems.

  9. It took me about two hours to take every decoration down,and at least as much time to box it up...now another day will be the box departures to the closet upstairs. LOL!

    I had three shots of the Moderna Vaccine...the booster gave me the most trouble of a very sore arm, but I wasn't 'laid up' or ill.
    Those cartoons made me giggle:)

    Where I work, the peeps living there have the choice to have family do their personal laundry or the facility. Most long term residents prefer to have the facility take care of it.

    We were changing from deep winter to almost springlike and back to the deep freeze here too...Saturday night we had freezing rain...that is probably worse than snow...today was mostly sunny, but now the temps are very cold...might be -12C here tonight. Brrr!

  10. Our cold snap is finally broken today. Went from around the -25*C range to above zero in one day. Sorry to hear Rick is getting worse. I get a lot of laundry from my Mom's supportive living also because the care aides just automatically throw the days clothing in the laundry whether it needs laundering or not. Drives my Mom crazy. I do her laundry because they want to charge a whole bunch extra just for them to throw it in a machine. Lugging the Christmas boxes up and down is the not fun part of decorating for the holidays. Hope the booster went well and you had no side effects. I need to get mine but am waiting for a weekend in case I get reactions. They don't do Astra Zeneca in Canada anymore. So it's Phizer or Moderna. I got Phizer the first time and no reaction but Moderna for the second and I didn't feel so great, very tired and sore arm, for a day.


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