4 Jan 2022


17 June 1815. It’s almost dark, it’s raining. Napoleon’s troops are exhausted. They feel the presence of enemy forces. The Emperor ordered them to stop and his aides de camp spotted an unoccupied residence. It was The Caillou Farm. It will be Napoleon’s Last Headquarters. The museum highlights the events of this famous night through testimonies and anecdotes from civilian and military life, all in an authentic setting. You can read more about this event which is celebrated each year HERE 

Of course the last two years the celebrations of the 17th June had been cancelled, due to our welknown Corona Virus ! 

Fortunately I still have some pictures of celebrations the years before ! 

The headquarter

The fake Napoleon was a tall handsome man not like the original !

The tents were placed behind the building on the property

and of course the beer "Waterloo the beer of bravery" was flowing in huge amounts !

The entrance to the museum and a lady in a cloth of that time

more participants here


  1. I've heard Napoleon was short and not very attractive.

  2. Well, let's hope this year will bring more good than bad.
    Happy new year.

  3. That is a cool place! Nice you have all those nice memories and pictures!

  4. That's interesting, a little detail in history that I would not have not have known about.

  5. And yet he was only the second biggest ego in French history, for he had not met De Gaulle.


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