22 Nov 2021





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 Saturday morning Maria my cleaning lady arrived wet like a cat and in the dark. Ever since we have daylight saving it's dark in the morning and dark in the late afternoon. It's not very logical.

While she attacked the dirt and dust changed the bedsheets and was busy, I pulled myself together and continued the paper filing. I threw all letters and invoices away which were at least 2 to 3 years old and found myself in front of a huge paper mountain. Meanwhile I also had signed the cheques for Maria, which I get from the social insurance for less money, at least then she is insured and I can deduct the amount from the taxes at the years end. 

When she was finished and wanted to go, we couldn't find the cheques anymore ! She was in a hurry to catch her bus otherwise she has to  wait one hour for the next bus ! (take public transport).When she was gone, I emptied the bin with all the papers in it and .....found the cheques ! Was I happy ! I realized that I really have to keep an eye on myself not to do stupid things. I call myself already several times per day because I don't find my mobile. 

In the afternoon, I fell asleep watching a movie and as usual had to rewind to the beginning, I had slept through the whole film. 

Sunday morning it rained, it always or nearly rains on weekends.

Looking to the right and to the left, my decision was taken,  I would not put a foot outside, I have breathing problems when it is so humid. 

I just had closed the windows when the phone rang to this undecent hour where a retired woman living alone, usually still sleeps. It was Rick's Whist friend who had seen him the day before and told me that he should be more dressed that he was cold etc etc ! In the mornings I hardly can take care of myself and certainly not listen to problems which aren't problems at all. I mean it's nice of her to take care but too much is too much. After all there are the nurses and he can ring for another blanket when he feels cold. What could I do on a Sunday. Fortunately when I turned aroud I saw that my Hibiscus plant had bloomed ! She does it once in a blue moon and only one flower.

Even Miss Rosie didn't want to drink her rainwater, only because it rained and she feared for her fur !

This year I don't know how the year's end festivities will happen. Rick is so weak that if he doesn't put on some weight we can't take him home. He is still in bed, but started to watch TV again a bit, which is a good sign. 

This is a nice idea for a Christmas decoration 2021


  1. Could you hear my big guffaw and belly laugh when I saw that Christmas Tree?? LOL, LOL!!

    I am sorry your weather was soggy so you had to stay inside...and I do pray that your Rick will perk up a bit, eat better and not feel so cold...maybe he's cold because of all his weight loss?

    Your hibiscus is a very bright and beautiful bloomer! It bloomed at precisely the right time to cheer you up!

  2. Poor Maria will go hungry this week until the next time she visits and collects the cheque. Good to hear Rick is a bit better.

  3. That tree gave me a good laugh. You are right to think of your own needs now as Rick has the nursing staff to take care of him.

  4. The dreary weather doesn't help to lift one's mood. Europe is cold and wet in the winter, something Mom never liked when she lived there. Hope your hubby can come home to celebrate Christmas but it may be better if he doesn't depending on his mood that day.

  5. Here we're having a bit of snow.

  6. I laughed out loud with that Christmas tree. Looks about right to me, but not sure I can spare the toilet paper. just saying.

    Awww on the cutie pies. We have a farm that has those here. I always looks to see what they are up to.

    I'm forgetful too. Sometimes I try to think of a word and it just won't come. Hubby usually has to help me. Bugger.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  7. Hilarious tree decorations! Hopefully Rick will improve and be able to come home. Sending lots of healthy wishes !

  8. We have a hibiscus like that too. The first year we got a lot of blooms and now we're lucky if we get one a year. Hope Mr g was able to warm up :)

  9. Sometimes, we're so distracted that things end up in the wrong place. I once put my cup of coffee I was going to drink in the ...fridge.
    As for the bin, if it's under your desk, then the item could slip into it without your noticing that.
    Yes, I'm afraid Covid and the nasty weather turn festivities into a joke.


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