26 Nov 2021


On Monday a young man brought me a security box  which connects me to a help service because I live alone and could fall or something else could happen. I got a cord with a black little device and in case of danger or emergency, I just have to push the button and then they send me help immediately. 

First I didn't want to have such a thing, I thought I was not that old, but when I fell for the second time without any reason, and fortunately could get up by myself, I reluctantly followed the advice of my son and friends and finally find it very practical. Now I can faint wherever my body wants to faint, I push my button and somebody is coming immediately.

In the afternoon I visited Rick, he still has a too low blood tension and can't get up alone. Now he is getting bored which is a good sign and watches TV too. I took a huge bag of laundry, they had forgotten to give me the laundry he used when the retirement was closed for a week for Coronvvirus reasons !

Now I have to wear a mask and each time although they know me scan my Corona virus ticket in my smartphone and the receptionist takes my temperature with the new fiever thermometer which look like a gun ! Each time I think I should raise my arms and pray for my life !

It was time to go to PICARD a French Company who only sell frozen products and delicious plates ideal for single people or retired once. There is an unbelievable choise and I had made the calculation, that for one person it's cheaper to buy a daily meal as if I would cook myself. 

I didn't manage to put together the window cleaner  I bought, and went to Adeline next door. She read the notice took the thing and told me that it is already ready for use, and I have nothing to do else then then spray the cleaning product on the glass and use my cleaner !

Of course we had a chat together the little dog of her daughter is still on holidays with her, but she starts to have enough ! 5 times going out in this cold and the first time at 5 am is not a pleasure ! 

Next day I brought the fresh laundry to Rick, he is still to weak to get up. I met our doctor who also takes care of the residents in the home. She came into the room with two syringes in her hand and said happily that she had two flu vaccinations and could vaccinate me also right away! I nealy jumped to the ceiling and protested ! No flu shots for either Rick or me !  We never had one and I only know cases where it turned badly and the people really got the flu. On top Rick  so weak and skinny, with proably still the infection in his body would kill him.  I told her that I am against, but she is the doctor she must know better then I. She told me that all residents had to be vaccinated, but I could choose. I told her to do what she has to do, but I against my will. Now the responsibility is in her hands ! Rick of course thought we were fighting and suddenly shouted to both of us to shut up and that he didn't care about the having the vaccin. So now he is also vaccinated against the flu !!

I had got a message from Nicole's daughter that Nicole would be for two weeks my neighbor, because she moved into the "Jardin de Waterloo" (Waterloo's garden) in my street, which is a residence where people rent apartments and get medical assistance. It's just like a hotel for old people. They had decided this very quickly, because the daughter wants to go on holiday's (she really needs is) and Nicole didn't want to stay alone in her apartment. That's a good idea.

On my way back I stopped at the "Jardin de Waterloo" to surpise Nicole with a visit. It had once been the best Retirement home in Waterloo and was very nice. Now they had changed not only the name but at least doubled the size of the home it is enormous the original building sits in the middle !

The door was open, no one at the reception and no one else to be seen except empty corridors. Finally I shouted hello hello and a man appeared to ask me what I wanted. He must have been the maintenance man. He led me to Nicole's room which seemed to me km far from the reception,  and then she opened the door and was surprised to see me and happy too. She was a little lost in her very big flat, one big bedroom and a huge living room with kitchen. I forgot to take pictures, it was furnished very modern and looked like a room out of a catalogue. What a difference to Rick's room which is a lot smaller but very cozy. Then the man showed us around, and Nicole wanted to see the relaxing area with jacuzzi and swimming pool.

The man opened a door and what did we see in the middle of the room a bubble bath ! A simple bathtub with bubble function. I bursted out in laughter and thought that's really not what I had seen on their Web page ! Completely unsuitable for older people. Ideal to break your neck ! Nicole was disappointed she had wanted to relax in a real jacuzzi ! 


Then I left her and returned home ! 

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  1. My mother did not want an alarm medallion to hang around her neck but now she feels unsafe without it.

    Rick getting bored really is a good sign.

    Here there are excellent frozen meal delivery companies and for one person, why would you bother cooking. Some supermarket frozen meals are good too.

    I am not sure about Rick having a 'flu shot, but you certainly should.

    Interesting about Nicole's stay place.

  2. My grandmother used to do that when my uncle was on holiday: stay at a local retirement home.

  3. My mother-in-law could have used one of those devices at home. She fell several times and couldn't get up. The her daughter hurt her back and couldn't lift her any more. That's what led to her coming to an assisted living facility near us. She had a device like that there, but we had to keep reminding her what it was for.

    I've known many people who have had flu shots with no problem, but I have known some to develop complications. I've been advised not to get it due to some other health issues. But in a home like that with so many people together, the flu could spread rapidly and be worse for them. So I can see wanting to give the flu shot there. I hope it all comes out all right.

    That's a good sign that Rick is feeling bored. And the frozen meal idea sounds like a good one for older people or those who can't or don't want to cook for themselves. If the food tastes good--I hope it does.

    I had not heard of a place like the one Nicole is in. What a neat idea!

  4. Those fall buttons are pretty popular here in United States. But with most people having smart phone and such. I don't know how many people are getting the fall buttons.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. We have some peeps in our nursing home where I work who still keep that button around their neck...or on a wrist band.

    Flu shots, phooey, don't get me started. We have to have them where I work, unless the doctor gives us an excuse to be excused from it. I sure hope that Nick has no lasting ill effects. I still do not understand when a peep isn't well, why they would give those; its added stress to their systems...why not wait until they are better?

    Glad Nick is bored and doing better, showing interest in what is happening is a good thing.

    How nice that you were allowed to visit a good friend.

  6. Nice to have Nicole so close even if it is just for a short time. My mother had one of those call devices. She never wore it round her neck but left it on the window ledge!


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