13 Sept 2021


Get out but slowly !

Geez ! Look at all these people watching us !!

 For once  ! Behave yourself  they will watch every move !!


Seen in Pairi Daiza animal park/Belgium




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On Saturday afternoon my son and Toby came from Amsterdam, first to pick up Toby's little friend Benji and then Mr. G who wanted to see the three of us together so I proposed that he should come with son and grandson to his "old " home. 

They arrived around 3 and we spent a nice afternoon together

Father and son

Grandson and friend 

Later Benj'is father arrived too , and then Mr. G. wanted to go home he was afraid to miss his supper which is quite early at 5.30 - 6 pm. Both son and grandson spent the night with my son's friend so that the "little" once could play together and the young fathers who know each other from teenage on too. No problem with wine drinking because nobody had to drive. In Belgium it's 0° tolerance. 

I was a bit disappointed that they left me alone, I don't know if it was a misunderstanding because next day when I saw Benji's mother she thought I was too tired to come ! Which was certainly not the case !

Sunday was a complete flop. I had understood that my son would come after Brunch or Lunch and spend the afternoon with me, because Mr. G. had his formular 1 but he informed me that he would go first to him and come to me at 4 pm. I must say I felt more then disappointed,
I had some little things to have him do, and then I also wanted to talk to him about the future. Probably he thought he only will hear problems and shortened the time to a minimum. So I went alone to the Waterloo Garden festival of which I will talk tomorrow. 

Finally he arrived and hang my painting on the wall; It's a wall in concrete and you need a driller to make hole. 

and here are the two Dads drilling the hole in the wall. The blond one is the Dad of Benji. 

Then they had a well earned beer and Dario also repaired my TV, the hard disk was blocked and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't watch my recorded movies.

Now they all left and I thought now that I live alone friends of my son who used to pop in to say hello, don't come anymore they probably think I will only talk about my miseries ! In fact company is good for me because then I can forget all my worries for a while.


  1. Lol at the boys with their fingers up their nostrils. Some things never change and gross behaviour by teenage boys is one of them.

  2. The pandas were a delight. So sorry the weekend didn't work out as you hoped.

  3. Mom never liked the walls when she lived in Germany because you can't just hang something, you have to drill and get special stuff to keep things hanging. It may not have been the way you imagined but you did get to spend time with your son and grandson, so it is better than nothing I guess.

  4. I must proudly admit that these are the sort of little things (drilling a hole in the wall) that I can do myself. That's my Mom's education - never depend on others(not even family) for things you can do yourself. I even have a box of basic tools that are of help.

  5. I love the bears. So beautiful.

    I'm glad you had a visit with our sons, but they have busy lives and are always on the go. I think they are trying to get out of work too. Mine does the same thing.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  6. I have made such a mess of trying to put a nail or screw into the walls over the years. At least he did come back to do the jobs for you.

  7. What darling boys! I bet they had fun!

  8. How wonderful these friendships have lasted for so long and what a nice cozy home you have. When it is filled with loved-ones, it feels twice as nice. :))

  9. When men organise things they always mess things up or don't even notice that a person is left alone. I'm not sure why they find it so hard to think about others too. Sorry you were lonely. Hope you're having a better week.

  10. Men will just never understand the way women think/function!!
    We have to tell them what/how we want/need things...its a rare 'breed' of men who perceive that maybe a nice long visit will be beneficial to each party, and that woes and complaints are pushed to the side in favor of enjoying the visit and perhaps reminiscing about things from the past. We did that today at a memorial service, there was no grumbling or discussing personal issues. (Hubby's brother who had passed in 2/2021...we couldn't have a service until now...).

    Those pandas are like bumbling clowns!


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