26 Jul 2021



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As the week had been quite busy, I thought I wouldn't move at all on Saturday. Anyway the weatherman had announced the worst weather dramas for us, thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail etc in short a weather either to sit in front of the television or to hide under the bed covers. Of course the sun was shining and not a single raindrop fell, and there was no hail in the night. 

My neighbor asked me if I needed anything. She wanted to go shopping.Very kind of her especially that we still have our elevator out of work ! I am sure from all this climbing up and down I shortened a few cm. Finally at 3pm she still hadn't the courage to go down and we decided instead of buying food we would go in a shop which sells everything from furniture to nails for very cheap prices. We picked up Nicole and decided only to walk around and have a look and buy nothing. The result was that my trunk was full and one back seat too. I suddenly needed little things for Mr. G's room, like table sets and a steak knife and even a little bouquet of lovely fake orchids.

And because of the weatherman's mistake my friend who had invited her family for the birthday of her granddaughter had dressed a table inside but when the sun didn't stop shining she carried the table outside on her terrace ! A lot of work for 8 people ! I still trust more Miss Rosie the cat, she hasn't washed her ears !

On Sunday my son came for a flying visit, just to carry my garbadge down the four floors, swallow two hamburgers, had bought me appels which I had asked for, collected the clean laundry for his Dad, and disappeared again. I thought I could drop dead here he wouldn't even realize, a mother is not allowed to feel unwell and need a doctor !

That was my weekend and I am still waiting  for the world's end, but the sun is still shining ! In the News it was again the disaster in the South of Belgium ! We are really lucky to live in an area where no water is in view not even a little creek.


  1. Our weekend was also forecast to be terrible. We of course are in mid winter here. But the weekend was not so bad at all. Everything is sounding good for you.

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend you had. Now you can rest up for next weekend and whatever it brings.

  3. Awww on your cutie pies. Love them all.

    It's amazing that the weatherman/woman can be so wrong and still have a job. I'm glad you're not flooded like many areas are.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. We had those storms here with some local flooding. Fortunately I was ok but I didn't bother going out anywhere.

  5. thank goodness you were not directly affected ! Take care and have a better week!

  6. Cute critters. We had storms last night.


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