23 Jul 2021


Of course on Monday the elevator was still out of work, but at least they had checked what it was and there is a piece damaged and has to be ordered and then replaced ! Now with our National Day off and the flooding nothing had been done yet. We all complain about our poor legs which hurt. Fortunately my neighbor has a strong son who carries our shopping on the 4th floor ! Very helpful. 

I visited Mr. G. and he still was a little lost in his new home, but it was only 3 days that he had moved. He was tired so I didn't stay long only to leave him fresh laundry. Fortunately the bedlinnen and bath towels belong to the home. I only have to wash his personal belongings !

On Scrabble day I won !!! Oh miracle must be the fact that I am so relieved that the biggest problem had been solved !

Dominique my former neihbor for 15 years came for a visit and we went to say hello to Mr. G. ! She was surprised to see him in such a good shape ! He talked normally, even joked and all people who were in the room said hello to him and he talked to everybody ! That was a big change !

He also looked much better and walked without his walking stick. They had done a good job in the rehabilitation clinic.  

And here too they do gymnastic each morning and play games the afternoon. Apparently he participates in everything, and doesn't stay alone in his room. This is very important.

The terrace with the garden

Apparently the food is very good. and I hope he will put on some weight !  Happy we retuned home and sat on the balcony and talked and talked and she was very content that he behaves so good. She also has Parkinson but another kind, she trembles, but with the right medication it stopped.

With my painting group we went to the "Jardins d'Asie" (The Asian Gardens) and had a nice lunch.. The weatherr was wonderful and we could sit outside.

Now I really start to feel tired all the stress from the last 4 months seem to come out ! 

The only one who bothers me is the Income taxes service who claims money because Mr. G. hasn't filled in the formular of 2020 ! Now I have to prove that he was already ill and had put all envelopes from people who bothered him in the garbadge and I had wondered that we never got letters !!

But that too will be solved otherwise I bring them the Corona virus !! I have gotten my two injections.

Now Rosie and I live alone, but in about a month Mr. G. will be allowed to come home for an afternoon if he continues to progress. Earlier wouldn't be a good idea the doctor had told me, he has first to get really used that now his home is elsewhere. But he seems to like the place ! He never asks me to come back home as he did before.

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I am sorry if I don't comment on your blogs, but I need a little rest ! 


  1. I am glad Mr G had a good day when you and your neighbour visited. Hope you manage to get all the paperwork sorted out the he hid away. Take care of yourself.

  2. Your husband looks indeed in good shape! The place also looks good! If it's a temporary place of recovery, he'll soon be fit to go home.
    At a certain age, people should try not to depend on the elevator and seek to live on the first two floors.I'm constantly told that as I would also like to move to another apartment.

  3. Mr G looks well but yes, quite thin. His accommodation sounds good.

  4. All seems to be going well other than sorting out the tax man. I hope you manage to get some well needed rest.

  5. I think that sometimes when we are under stress we just keep going because we have to but then when the stress is relieved our bodies then say STOP, I need a rest. I hope the lift gets fixed soon - climbing the stairs is not restful but it will keep you fit! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I didn't realise you husband had dementia. This must be a very difficult time for you and we wish you all the best. Sasha

  7. Glad Mr. G. is doing so well! Hope you can get some rest and find a new normal. Congratulations for winning at Scrabble.

  8. I am amazed at your perseverance in all these changes. You are doing well.
    I'm sure you will be able to figure out the tax issues.
    And YAY for winning Scrabble!

  9. So good to hear that Mr G is doing well in the home. It looks really nice.


  10. It's good that "Mr G" is adjusting so well to his new home. I am so far behind in reading blogs and commenting and I don't have the excuse you do! You have nothing to apologize for!! (I sent you a longish email since I am so far behind. and I am happy to know now that you are seeing your friends and even winning at Scrabble!!. Take care. You are doing exactly the right thing in this difficult time!


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