20 Jul 2021


Describing my weekend yesterday, I told about the very  first excursion organized for the seniors and the program sounded nice. What the poor organizer couldn't know, was that instead the announced heavy rain,  a real deluge which caused a terrible flooding which had never happened in Belgium  happened. It destroyed lots of houses and caused the death of quite a lot of people a real disaster. So he had to find a part in the Ardennes which was not flooded. And he found Condroz. I had never heard of this part in Belgium and had to google to find out where it is.

Anyway as we all had been locked in for nearly two years we didn't really care about the destination all we wanted was to get out of here to another place. Probably we even would have taken the bus to hell ! But our guide choose Condroz a part of the Ardennes and the only thing I remember was fields, fields, fields, green grass, green grass, green grass, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, and cows, cows, cows !

From time to time we crossed a pittoresque village but not a single living soul. Our guide talked about the history of the grass and the sheep which dated back to the old Romans, the only thing I remember was the "War of the Cows" I found  that real funny. It was a war which took place in 1275 til 1280 on the territory of today's Belgium. and started in  Jallet (no idea where this village is) from where the cow thief came.This cow war set about sixty villages to fire and blood, killing 15000 people.

 Route "Cow war"

Unfortunately nowhere was mentioned how many cows were killed or maybe none at least during this war, but later to be transformed to steaks and eaten on a plate.  My general knowledge improved !!

And here is what we see saw at least me because I took the pictures, the others were more interested in what had happened during the nearly 2 years lasting lockdown.

I liked the little villages, the houses were built in a special stone


This was the castle which is now a restaurant  where we had lunch for 4 hours !! Enough time to fill in the gap between the 4 courses with free red and white wine. When we came out, some were very cheerful and some women rather angry because Mr. Husband had a glass too much.

The two monster towers is the nuclear power station in Belgium which should be demolished since a long time but is still producing electricity very much to the anger of the Dutch, German and Luxembourg's inhabitants who live only a few km from there. From time to time there are manifestations, but nothing changes so far.4 (read more here)

 These are my favourite tourists, mother and child



more participants here


  1. Glad you could get out after two years. Shame about the rain and grass and sheep but lunch sounded okay. Hope you are keeping sane. Have you found a place for Ric ?

  2. It looks like there was plenty to see. Such lovely villages and what is Maison Commu......

  3. I suppose the guide did well to come up with an alternative after the terrible floods. Lots of lovely villages on the way to your extended lunch break. I haven't been able to link with Our World Tuesday this week. Is it just me or is everyone having a problem?

  4. A pretty area. The cow war is new to me.

  5. I'm also glad your out.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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