24 May 2021


our neighbor lurking on Rosie







Thanks to the still lasting half lockdown, I have the feeling to live in a retirement home but alone ! Restaurants, and everything which could distract you are still closed and the now open terraces are empty because they are litteraly blown away by a strong wind and rain. 

Saturday morning my cleaning lady landed in front of our building, I say landing because she told me the wind blow so hard that the was pushed to entrance ! I prepared the fresh laundry for Mr.G and then had lunch. I had to do some shopping for him he needed Wafels again and I also bought him sushis, because he loves them. Then I returned home put my stuff away and watched a movie. I saw the beginning and then something with animals and realized that I had fallen asleep nearly for more then an hour. I had a cup of coffee and watched my movie again. 

I had called Mr. G in the morning and he spoke quite well for a little while, same at lunch but in the evening it was again hard to understand him. But I am optimistic again it seems that the new dosage starts to work ! 

Besides two phone calls I only talked to cat Rosie. And this has been my adventurous saturday !

Coronavirus prisoner

On Sunday morning I wanted to sleep a little longer, outside it was again awful, but as it is when you want to sleep you wake up with the roosters !

I had ordered 2 pullovers and after 6 weeks they finally arrived just when I thought I would complain. So I had something new to dress for Mr. G in the clinic. Of course he didn't realize that I had something new and asked me when he could come home. Difficult question because I don't know. He is still confused but speaks much better, but for walking he is not sure and looses quickly the balance. 

The sun had come out and it was a pity that we couldn't sit outside on the terrace of the restaurant, but for that he is still too weak. 

I said hello to Myriam who lives on my way back home and we chatted a bit while watching a documentary about a very beautiful home for abandonned animals.

Rosie is lucky since she was born 14 years ago, she had never been homeless and always with us.


  1. That is crazy that the lockdown is still so bad. Things are opening here, mask rules are going away, life is almost normal again. Hope they loosen things for you soon. Mom says her dad was often hard to understand with his Parkinsons. He had a lot of speech therapy to help but he still talked very quietly.

  2. We are still in partial lockdown and even though some things are lifting, face masks and such must still be worn and cinemas and restaurants are still not open. Well, apart from terraces and like you say: bad weather. Mind you, plenty of people still use the terraces, even with rain and wind. Mad!

  3. Awww on all the precious babies. They made me smile.

    I'm sorry things are still so locked down for you. We're seeing some light at the end of the tunnel so we're happy about that.

    Prayers for you and your husband.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. So sorry you are still in lockdown. We are doing very well here and everyone we know is well and healthy! Take care!

  5. Such a long time you've been in lockdown, and on top of it having worries about Mr. G. We're sending lots of purrs and pawsitives your way. Hugs - stay strong.

  6. I am so sorry to hear that Mr G is still in hospital. I hope he recovers fully soon so you can be together. I hear the weather is terrible in most of Europe and here it is already too hot. Hopefully, things will improve so you will get some sun and we will get some cool breezes.

  7. Purrs for Mr G and Happy for dear Rosie

  8. We are still in a lockdown here. If another one happens I really don't know if I'll be able to take it.


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