29 Apr 2021


1. What are some memories you associate with spring? 

 I have no special memories in spring, only feelings ! I feel like an old bear who comes out of his winter hole, and smells the spring's special parfum ! I am not hungry like the bear, but I observe that every day nature gets greener and flowers show their colorful heads !  

2. April showers bring May flowers...was that saying proven true where you live? Snapdragons, anemones, carnations, lilacs, sweet peas, tulips, lily of the valley, orchids, roses, gardenias...which one on that list is your favorite May bloom? 

As it mostly rains in Belgium, we are competitors with the UK. Can't say that April helps flowers to bloom in May ! They come out when they want. From the mentioned flowers I like orchids and roses. They are my favorites, but in fact I like all flowers when they are blooming in the garden, as long as I can sit on a bench and admire them ! I hate garden work ! 

3. What are your top three distractions and how do you deal with them? 

Now ??? With our lockdown ? I feel in prison, have no energy and feel as if I had a burn out !  So I do nothing. Usually I would love to travel, go out, take photos, meet friends, go to the cinema and theatres and all interesting events. But unfortunately I can't move so I sulk ! Fortunately we still have our scrabble once a week and our Corona babble Club 3 times a week !

4. Do you eat beef? In the course of a week, how often is beef on the menu? A hamburger, steak, prime rib, or a roast beef dinner...which beef entree would you choose and yes you have to choose. Unless you're a vegan, and then you may pass. 

We stopped eating beef, it has no taste anymore. If I make steaks then I buy meat from Argentina.They seem to have happy cattle !  The Steaks from European cows have no taste and have to be drown in sophisticated sauces to give them some taste. We mostly eat chicken, turkey and porc. 

5. In what way were you creative during the month of April? 

In trying out different sleeping positions on my matress

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am at the end of my patience ! One year masked, measuring "social"  distance (I throw my meter away) and keep my hands clean ! I have committed no crime and sit in a prison with the rest of the world. The only thing that comforts me is that I will have a whole chapter in all history books with people from all over the world because something like this has never happened before! 





  1. I love carnations. But tulip fields are fantastic to see as well. But, like you I like all flowers.

  2. I'm done with lockdown, too, and we haven't been nearly as strict as you have.
    Your views of gardens and flowers are always lovely!

  3. This year I discovered a love for gardening and have spent hours in our little yard. Now I have to water everything every day because, unlike Belgium, it never rains here.


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