19 Mar 2021


The week started as usual with rain ! The poor farmers don't know anymore what to do ! Or they complain because it is too dry now it is too wet. 

It was Mr G's Whist day and after I drove him to his friend, cat Rosie and I played lockdown syndrome, we were both hanging around, she in her chair and I in the sofa. I tried to make some headers, but honestly my creativity has suffered very much in this strange year.

We should have our scrabble at Nicole's but when we arrived she wanted absolutely to have the coffee and cake first before we started to scrabble, with the result that we ate so much of the chocolate cake that we were too lazy and so involved in our conversations, that we forgot to scrabble and when we thought, now it's time to scrabble, it was time to return home!

Nicole explained that she had forgotten to switch of the hair curler since 9 am and meanwhile it was 4 pm ! Fortunately nothing had burnt the thing only was very hot. When we saw the picture it looks as if she sings !

Isis as usual kept us company.

The rest of the week was rather stressful. Mr. G's condition had gotten a lot worse and there were moments when he couldn't walk at all. On the day when, luckily, my cleaning lady was there, when he got up from his bed he suddenly couldn't walk anymore. Not one little step ! And she wanted to clean his room !

At first I didn't know how to drag him into the living room after all he is a tall man and for me far too heavy although he is rather slim.Then I saw his office chair! It had wheels! We put Mr. G. on the chair and wheeled him to the living room and sat him on the sofa. I have to admit that we had to laugh, unfortunately nobody filmed us. 

Now I had enough of doctors  and too long waiting times, I called the neurologist and told her that his condition was getting worse every day and that we couldn't wait until mid-April. It was now clear that he had Parkinson, but there are so many varieties that you first have to find out which medication he can take. 

She was very kind and understandable and arranged everything for me, called me again and told me to drive him to the emergency service the next morning and then he would have to stay in the clinic for a few days. I was very relieved, I really need a break, otherwise I will get a burn out ! 

In the evening looking out of the window I saw this amazing sky and took some pictures !

Isn't that beautiful, it cheered me up !

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Often we have amazing skies in Waterloo/Belgium, sometimes even more beautiful then in other countries famous for their sunrises and sunsets

View out of our living windows

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Lady Fi said...

Gorgeous skies! Hope Mr. G is feeling better.

Faith said...

What pretty sky photos!!

I'm so sorry to readmthat your husband has Parkinson's Disease. I will pray for strength formyou both and wisdom from the medical team serving him. Praying right now.

Penelope Notes said...

Your imaginative header is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I am sorry to hear of your husband’s health issues but how clever to use the office chair with wheels. This is something to remember!

Joyful said...

Your skies are gorgeous. I'm sorry about Mr. G. and I hope he can get on the right medication soon. I guess the good thing is you will have a very important break while he is being assessed. I hope your medical system can provide you with help to care for Mr. G. now that it seems he needs help. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your friends and that beautiful Isis was there to keep company with you all.

Light and Voices said...

Greetings and Salutations! I too am a caregiver for my husband. Thanks for the tip about the office chair. Once recently, John was having trouble getting up off the sofa. So I ordered from Amazon a thing he can hold onto and I can pull him up with. Looks like a doggy chew toy but isn't. LOL!

I am so glad that you were rewarded with that absolutely over the top sunset. Enjoy the breaks. Take care of you. Be good to yourself.

DUTA said...

Unbelievable sky!
Hopefully, your Mr.G gets the right treatment for stopping Parkinson from progressing.

Susanne said...

What a gorgeous sky! I'm sorry to hear it wasn't a good week for Mr. G. Hopefully he can get all set up with the right meds to help him out very quickly.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

That's a really beautiful sky. Love the colors and the light!

Fun60 said...

I'm sorry to hear Mr G is much worse. The situation is difficult for you as well.

William Kendall said...

I hope the doctors are able to help him.

catladymac said...

Glad Mr G was able to get some help right away.

The sky is gorgeous !

And - no Scrabble but -CAKE !

Purrs to Rosie .

Willow said...

The sunsets are beautiful! I'm glad you caught on camera.
Parkinson's is a hard condition. I am sorry for Mr. G and I hope he gets answers soon and the right medications as soon as possible.
Some days we just need conversation and even Scrabble isn't necessary.

diane b said...

So sorry to hear about Ricardo's condition. It must be very hard for you as well as him. Hopefully they can find the right medication for him to make life easier for both of you. The skies are beautiful and I'm glad that they can calm you. Chatting with friends should help too.

My GBGV Life said...

Mom's dad had Parkinsons, not the kind with tremors everyone talks about, but he was falling all the time, having delusions, it was very hard for Gramma because she couldn't move him either. Paws crossed the doctors can help him feel better soon.