21 Feb 2021


Once the from our City organized excursions lead us to a tram museum not the one in Brussels but in another region. 

I love the old trams, when I was studying in Brussels center, I had to take one every day and it  was the old trams with wooden seats and 1st 2nd and 3rd class, when it was a tram which went from one city to another. 

We even had a tram which took us from Brussels city center to the Lion of Waterloo which was quite a long way. Of course all this doesn't exist anymore, now in Brussels we have the very modern trams which look like an airplane without wings !

This was already quite modern, the drivers seat !

and here you have the seats of the 2nd class, the first class had fabric and was far more comfy !

When the tram was full people had to stay outside in winter or summer

This must be a tram from the 60th

This one a little older

How I wished to do this excursion again ! (with new suitcases bought on Internet due to lockdown)

and today trams

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Elephant's Child said...

My city's trams are shiny and new. You are right they look like (red) planes without wings. They don't have the charm of old trams though.

Andrew said...

Very interesting to me Gattina and I will repost it elsewhere.

Wendy said...

No trams near us but there are some in South London but yes very lacking in the character of the original trams.

DUTA said...

You've got a nice collection of tram photos!
You look quite the model on that tram! (the picture before the last one).

Mara said...

I used to hate trams when I was driving my coach around Amsterdam or The Hague. I would always be on the tram tracks and then a tram would come. They have right of way, so you would just hear this bell go off! Very annoying.

William Kendall said...

Very old fashioned. My city had streetcars decades ago, but long gone now.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Nothing like that here.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Bob Bracegirdle said...

The lovely and irreplaceable Vicinal. Route W to Waterloo and Wavre. Used the replacement bus but missed going in the tram. Suppressed in 1964. Some still left around Charleroi and the museum at Lobbes-Thuin.

Bob Bracegirdle

Andrew said...

I thought I commented. Perhaps not. Great tram photos and I posted a link to a tram group here and an acquaintance said this: "The museum is no stranger to me. It is the ASVi museum related to the Vicinal tramways which once Criss-crossed Belgium. I visited their line a number of times over the years and have some video of it but the museum building was not constructed until after my last visit in 1992".