25 Feb 2021


1. Your favorite cleaning product? Do you clean your own house or hire out? Most disliked household chore? What one chore do you not mind so much? 

I don't have a favorite cleaning product, because I don't clean that's the job of my brave Maria who works for us since at least 10 years. I have always worked in a big company with lots of responsibilities and with a baby and cooking in the evening I just had no time for that, I preferred to spend time with my child then with the household. Fortunately I earned enough money to hire one cleaning lady.

 2. It's Canned Food Month...do you use a lot of canned goods? What are the three canned items you purchase most often? Last thing you made using a canned ingredient? 
I very seldom use canned food, can't even remember when and what it was.  Maybe Frankfurter sausages and red beans for a Chili con Carne. I prefer by far frozen food, but fresh fruits. 

 3. Can of worms, anything can happen, can you imagine?, as best I can, kick the can down the road, more than one can take, no can do, not if I can help it...choose an idiom and tell us how you currently relate.
I had never heard "kick the can down the road" and of course why kicking a can down a road ?? That makes no sence, first it is noisy and I would rather prefer a ball. But then as usual when I have any doubts about the meaning of an idiom, because in each language they are different I googled and got the explanation which I liked !  
Ignore a problem in the hope that it will go away.

4.The last Tuesday in February is National Spa Day. Are you someone who enjoys a day at the spa? Last time you visited a spa? Do you have a favorite spa? Are salons open for business in your area? Have you made changes to your hair and nail routine since Corona hit? In what way? 
I love spending a day at the spa or even a week ! but it is a long time ago I did do that, meanwhile I preferred to travel and spent a spa day only when I was in "my" hotel in Egypt. Anyway we are still in Lockdown and spending a SPA day is not allowed, they just opened the hairdressers which was more then necessary. I changed my hairdresser because I found one who cut our hairs at home, otherwise I haven't changed anything and for the time we can't go out, I don't put anything on my nails.

5. Believe it or not this is the last Hodgepodge of the month. In one sentence sum up your February.
I only need a word to sum up my February : BORING 

 6. Insert your own random thought here.
I have more and more the feeling that nothing special happens, each day is the same routine and the days fly by and then the year (I hope not years) Although I try to make the best of the situation I start to forget things, I don't remember the day we are when I wake up, and I don't care about hours, if I don't have an appointment. When I think that we started the first lockdown in March and are still in prison just with a little interruption. I am getting more and more angry too ! I live in a so said democratie and am not allowed to travel ! Also our government is a desaster, they have not ordered enough vaccins ! We are far behind on the world wide vaccination list !




Joyce said...

I hope things open up there soon. We are still being told to mask and social distance, even with the vaccine so I am wondering why get the vaccine? It's rolling along pretty well in our state, but it definitely varies from place to place. We're not eligible yet here anyway, so hopefully some of the issue will be resolved before our turn arrives. We like to travel and fear there will come a day where they won't allow it without a vaccine. Kind of waiting to see how it all goes. Take care!

Willow said...

I hope things open up soon. March?
I had never heard the idiom 'kick the can down the road' before, and my native language is English.

William Kendall said...

I wonder if kick the can down the road is more of a North American expression.

R's Rue said...

Hoping for brighter days.