22 Feb 2021



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It was a real lazy lockdown weekend where we didn't do anything. The weather was sunny and real beautiful but unfortunately with a cold wind. I wanted to go shopping in the afternoon, but was so lazy as if I had cleaned the whole Buckhingham palace, and to tell the truth, I didn't do anything only answering comments, my brave Maria put the laundry away and cleaned our personal Buckhingham palace.

We watched a bit TV and I found a beachbed with umbrella, because I could already use it now in February on our balcony which is very big and gets really hot ! We had 26°C in the sun and Belgium measured the hottest February day ever with 18°C in the shade !! And last weekend we had - 10° !!!

Miss Rosie warmed up her bottom and I could leave the window open. So I stayed home.

On Sunday it seemed to be even warmer because there was no wind. On the playground in the park across the street in front of our buiding there were lots of people with kids and dogs walking around. 

In the afternoon we were invited at Nicole's and Mr. G. this time came with me, I think he also has enough of staying home alone. 

And another week is gone, soon we are end February and still in prison, today a year ago the first Coronavirus landed from nowhere in Italy !!


  1. We can't believe you all are still so locked down. Here things are really starting to open up, thankfully. At least you have sunshine to try to lift the mood.

  2. I have no cleaning lady, so I have to do some house work. I also get busy by learning various things from youtube tutorials; it helps expanding knowledge, and even saves money.
    My entertainment, these days, is also youtube based: operas, ballet performances, touristic attractions.

  3. Yes cut and paste is definitely possible at the moment!

  4. I love your little house Rosie! It is hard to believe it is almost 1 year since this virus hit, amazing.

  5. Awww on the kitties. So precious they are.

    You had the same kind of weekend we did. We did nothing and it was to cold to be outside for very long. It's going to warm up soon and I'm happy about that.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  6. What a beautiful sun shiny (and warm) day! And having windows open...we can't wait! It gets so musty in our cold Canadian Winters! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  7. Much the same here too, still in lockdown and unable to make any plans for the future.

  8. Sunday was my lazy day.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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