23 May 2020


What bothers the most the Belgians is that the restaurants are still closed. The lockdown is not yet finished. The Belgian is a gourmet and doesn't bother to spend a fortune for a meal and usually also spends hours at table.

The restaurants suffer terribly because of the lockdown and probably quite a lot of them are near bankrupcy.

Some restaurant owners however let play their creativity and try to adapt their rooms leaving enough space for the chairs at the tables to respect the rules. As it is impossible to eat with a mask unless you do it like the Arabian women and lift the mask and quickly shuffle the food in your mouth let the mask down again and eat !

As the people have to sit  alone and it is not very nice if you can't see each other, a Dutch restaurant had a good idea and created these glasshouses, where their gourmets can eat in peace and see each other. It then looks almost normal.

at two in one house and a Plexiglas between them. No way for the naughty virus to disturb the dinner ! And it even looks quite cosy.

Another restaurant or café had another nice idea, the guests sit in the middle of a tyre on a chair and with this system the distance is guaranteed !

An other one looks more classical the chairs are placed in the right distance and the places are for two people also devided by a Plexiglas.

I think the Plexiglas producers make their fortune with the Coronavirus and the masks and gloves and steril coats producers too !

What is luck for one is misery for the other !

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  1. It sure has aroused a lot of creativity.

  2. I like the glasshouse solution - very neat!

  3. I think you are right about Plexiglas makers. They must be making a killing. You have been in Arabic countries and seen women eating while masked. Quite horrible to see, while their husbands eat away normally. Our eating places won't open until 1st June and they will be restricted like yours are.

  4. That last picture looks like visiting day in a prison...

  5. Restaurants and many places get so creative! I love the idea of glasshouse. Even without the virus situation, it would work quite nicely :-)

  6. Our dinning out just open up, little over a week now. I haven't been yet out to eat. What I understand one still need to keep social distance. If a place is set up to handle 50 people and now they can only serve 25 people.

  7. That tire idea sounds and looks just bonkers. Or is that just me talking as I am sure I would never be able to get up one of them...

  8. What innovative ideas to get patrons. We are also still closed for eating out South Africans are great ones restaurants and also eating take aways. The eateries here in the Central Drakensberg have taken a big knock. The accommodation has suffered even more. I have lost a very big part of my income because tourism has ground to a halt. It's all very difficult but we need to follow rules and obey the law. I'm sorry I haven't visited in ages. My internet is very slow when I am finished with the other three jobs which I am still able to do. I miss talking to you. Be safe. Jo

  9. https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article22031037.ece/ALTERNATES/s810/0_Cafe-pastry-shop-Rotheuse-swimming-floats-to-keep-customers-socially-distanced.jpg a german cafe had this idea

  10. In the “ olden days” I always liked the dark steakhouse restaurants, where two people could sit in a comfy booth shielded from the gaze (and ears) of the world ... so romantic. Later it was not so important ))). But then in recent years (but before this virus) all the good restaurants had the model of “see and be seen” ... tables were out in the middle of the floor right next to others, often with windows so everybody on the street could watch you eating. I did not love that at all! .... I like booths and a little privacy . But really now I just hope someday we get back to where we can go out to eat without fear. Probably after we get a vaccine.


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