18 May 2020


Pairi Daiza animal park in Belgium



It's difficult to tell you what I have done this weeked as every day I do the same thing !

On Saturday the weather was cold but very sunny and in the morning Mr. G. sorted out a whole collection of Tintin comics and some others, and brought them to a second hand shop and was happy that they bought them for quite a good price.

I wait until I have seen the apartment again and taken all measurements to see where I put the things we keep and the others which we leave in the house.

In the afternoon Nicole called me and proposed to sit on her terrace where it was so warm  that I had to take off my pullover and sat there in a little T-shirt.

The view from her terrace is always beautiful and we laughed about Isis who instead of looking down on the lawn right or left from the flower pot always stuck her head in the middle.

Sunday it was the same, and as it was cold on my terrace which is more north, I returnd again in the afternoon  to take a sunbath with Nicole. Mr. G. doesn't like to sit outside or be outside. When our son was little he had to come with us, or play outside with him, but now he doesn't have to make an effort to come with me.

We chatted about our new apartment and Nicole said she really has to fight with herself, because now she wants to find one like mine and if possible in the same building. That would be nice if all we old girls would be in the same building ! Mr. G. has friends from his Whist club living there too. If everything goes well we will be in the new apartment in a month !

The next step of the deconfinment will start on Monday, schools are partly open but lots of parents refuse to let their children go to school until September. Grandparents are allowed to see or even keep one grandchild but what is a bit stupid is, that the grandparents must be under 65 !! There are not many. Museums and hairdressers open too, as well as animal parks. But we are still not allowed to go to the sea !! And of course restaurants and cafes remain closed !

Phase 2 deconfinement


  1. It's good that you have places to sit - in the sun and not! And you make your prospective new life sound rosy.
    Interesting the different ways in which restrictions are being lifted. In England the government is hoping some children will go back to school at the beginning of June but there is a lot of resistance to it. People are now allowed to visit the sea but warned that there will be no coastguards or life-savers on duty.

  2. Things are opening here to, but very slowing and it seems really random and unreasonable with what they say can open or not open. Americans are not good with rules so some just do what they want anyway. We are so tired of the whole thing. Hope you can get into your new place in a month. It's something positive for you to focus on.

  3. what? you are moving? to Brussels maybe ;-)?

  4. I would love to visit an animal park. Such fun. A huge Awww.

    I hope you take picture of your new apartment when you get settled in. How fun.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  5. Hahaha I love the photo of Isis with her head stuck between the flower pots! I think it would be really fun for you if your friend Nicole could move in the same apartment :-)

  6. Beautiful photos today! I hope you get your wish and Nicole moves close to you.

  7. Wow, one month. How exciting.

  8. That photo of Isis is something, so sweet and cute. Hoping you will enjoy your new place very soon. Have a great week.

  9. Be grateful you have guidelines to follow though, even if some of them seem a bit bizarre! Here (mostly because of you know who) everything is a jumble , nothing is clear. Some follow one guideline, some another ...it’s all political instead of really caring about people’s health. A hell of a mess, in other words. ..... our daughter and son-in-law are 60 and have their 13-year old grandson with them at their home in the country. (There’s no rule one way or another about that, they just did it) ... his mom and dad just thought he needed more room to run around as he was feeling confined in their city house. His mom (who is my granddaughter) also have a ten year old and a one year old, so I think she just didn’t want to deal with the teenager since there is no school and he can’t go visit friends. It seems to be working out for everyone.


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