25 Mar 2020


Japonese Cherry trees in our street

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Ever since we are locked up in our homes and are only allowed to go out for food shopping or the pharmacy the weather has changed ! Now we have beautiful sunshine and nature is blooming everywhere, the trees in our street as you can see above are in full bloom.

Of course we can go out but only near where you live and always two people in 1.50 m distance. Unfortunately some people don't respect the rules and played on the grass in the parks or were sitting there and pic nic, so that the mayor closed the parks !

Anyway you can walk on the street,  there is no car or very few. Fortunately you are allowed to walk your dog or even three, but not three humans and one dog ! Police controls that only two persons are sitting in a car or it has to be a whole family.

I had to drive Myriam home we had walked a little bit, but then the wind was so cold and that we returned to my car and she had to sit on the back seat.

Slowly I get used to this life, which seems to me so unreal. I feel as if I am playing in a movie and not a very pleasant one. Fortunately we have Whatsapp and stay in contact with each other. The days go by always the same but today I got some hope, it was the first time since we are locked up, that there was no deaths for two days and less infected people. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The whole world is involved for once, all with the same destiny, the worst affected country is Italy. More deaths than in China.

This is a 16 year old boy who sings from his parent's balcony !

Each evening all Italians go on their balcony or outside and are singing against the Virus !

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  1. That boy is amazing, best version of Hallelujah I have heard. Wish he would come and sing on my balcony, I am so tired of being " locked up" The cherry trees are pretty.

  2. I think it is the same everywhere. It will be strange when we are allowed out again.

  3. Such beautiful blossoms! It's great that no death was recorded for two days there. Stay safe and healthy!

  4. Yes these are difficult times. So glad we have our open space to go for a walk. Good news on your stats. Ours are still going in the wrong direction but hopefully our lock down will start to help.

  5. Same here. At least we have the spring and birdwatching.

  6. Beautiful photos. Glad to see you're staying safe there.
    We're under the same restrictions here as well.

  7. The cherry trees are so pretty. Now that it's supposed to be spring, we have winter. Everything is upside down. The cases are still increasing here and we still have all the rules to follow.

  8. When I had a chance, I bought a big bag of birdseed. I am enjoying watching the birds in my backyard.

  9. It is the same here but the death toll leaps up every day. Even though we are on lock down some people still ignore it.
    I had to go to the hospital today for an MRI scan. I was very surprised that we were the only 2 people wearing masks. There was plenty of sanitiser but we took antibac wipes too to wipe down the chairs before we sat down. I was very pleased that we were the only people in the waiting room though.

  10. I notice most people here pretty good at following the rules

  11. Today is day 9 of our lockdown in my corner of the world.

    Navigating a new normal has flipped my household upside down!

    Stay safe!

  12. lovely post....we will all remember this time as surreal.

  13. The cherry trees are an awsome sight!
    Yes, Italy and Spain are in a devastated situation. May God help them and the world overcome this plague!

  14. The Italians make me laugh but I do feel sorry for their older population. Glad you are getting used to this unreal life. Good news about your numbers. We don't really know what the Chinese numbers are. Never know if they are telling the truth. USA aren't doing very well either.We have winter and flu season to look forward to.

  15. This whole crisis is having quite an effect on our psyche.


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