23 Mar 2020




This was the first weekend I spent in prison I mean locked up in our own house and instead of doing some household scores because I have so much time, I stared at a crumb and wondered when I should pick it up. But first I couldn't get out of my bed and it was 10 when I finally had the courage to carry myself into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

I prepared my blog post, interrupted by phone calls. Fortunately that Whatsapp exists, because otherwise I wouldn't recognize my friends when this drama is over. As in the mornings the supermarkets are full and people are checked, I went at 3 pm in a smaller one to buy the creme and coffee and little things I needed, but no food. I should have taken a selfie because I was wearing a mask,  a bonnet and gloves. I got a shock when I saw myself in the mirror. I almost looked like a bank robber ! 

The shop was nearly empty maybe we were 6 in total. You have to pay by card or go into an extra line. For me there was no difference I always pay per card. I quickly did my shopping and returned home, nobody in the streets and only very few cars. It all seems so unreal !

On Sunday morning Myriam started a conversation on Whatsapp with our scrabble group. We had a lot of fun with that and suddenly it was noon !  Mr. G. went to a friend, that's allowed too when you keep the space of 1.50 m between both.

I watched two movies and answered comments and again spent time on the phone, we are not made for being alone, for such a long time.

When will it end, nobody knows exactly  they talk about the 5th of April now, but it certainly depends the country. Italy is the most affected and has the most deaths too.

Brussels center

Gallerie de la Reine

La Bourse

rue Neuve (very busy shopping street)

little side street to the Grand'Place


  1. This is a great opportunity for us to do more decluttering (Swedish death cleaning) and give the place a good spring clean, except it is autumn here. But we seem filled with apathy to do anything above the normal. I haven't even kept up with blog reading.

  2. I am a little stir crazy after being with Jack now for nearly two weeks, and we have just begun the official stay in place rule now. I started early for him as I was concerned for his health. Today I do laundry and I told Jack I will take a steak out of the deep freeze for him to eat.
    Tomorrow we are due for 6-8 inches of snow! Nooooo! I want Spring!

  3. How awful. The stores here are starting to get more and more stock which is good. Aldi is almost like on a normal day except for toilet paper. We are lucky. Mom is still busy working and would just love to have a boring day. It's been at least a year since she could just do nothing. I'm sure it will come soon, but for now we are thankful real estate is still going and hasn't been shut down so we can make some money. Stay safe.

  4. We're trying to keep ourselves busy and get out for a walk each day. We had a "house party" with the kids yesterday as it was Mother's Day here. More and more things are shutting down. Stay well.

  5. Those empty streets, shopping malls, etc. They all seem so unreal indeed. Stay safe and healthy xo

  6. Bunnies are so precious. I had a bunny with I was young. Such fun.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  7. I'm hoping this all ends soon and things can get back to close to normal. Stay healthy and strong at your house.

  8. Soooo sweet! I think many people can relate to that bunny during this challenging time.

  9. It is surreal. I have been working from home since last week. I never thought I would say that I miss going to work but I do. Everyone is locked indoors. It can get really hard after a while.
    Love those bunnies. Are they yours? :)

  10. It’s a whole new world nowadays for sure. I visited a friend yesterday sat in her porch, which is big enough to be the right distance away. We had to go to a store today for travel arrangements. , Nobody was wearing masks, but nobody shaking hands or getting too close.

  11. Sound like your holding your own. This is changed world


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