27 Mar 2020


We wanted to start the week as usual with our Scrabble game, but due to the confinement only my two friends Nicole and Myriam met at Nicole's because the others couldn't come, one lived too far, and the second found it to dangerous as she has diabetes  so we were the three of us to share a cake and drink a coffee and sat on the terrace as it was so warm in the sun. Finally we didn't scrabble at all, we were far too lazy !

Although it was still cool we enjoyed the view on the blooming trees and green shrubs.

Myriam and Nicole did a little walk around the garden, while I was watching them from the terrace, because for me the wind was too cold.

I kept company to little Isis who also enjoyed the view sitting on the wall and then on her cat tower. Ever since she slipped and fell down one floor, Nicole has put a grid on the wall but I am sure that poor Isis won't try to jump down again, she was very shocked when Nicole picked her up.

Despite the lockup I had to do some shopping and did it in the afternoon again, because I knew that in the morning everybody rushes to do their shopping.

It was a real pleasure there were no people in the store or maybe a few but I didn't see them the shelves were filled up again and I could buy what I needed.

The next day I was a good girl and stayed the whole day home, we had started a group on Whatsapp with our Scrabble members and as we are all confined at home, we had fun with Whatsapp. We even discovered that we could talk to each other, four persons at the same time. So another day went by, with some more deaths and some more infected people.

And the sun continued to shine and I had the feeling that the ceiling was falling on my head. The same happened to Myriam and Nicole and we decided to do a little walk again

There is a little park just besides Myriam's house as we are not allowed to go further then your own part of the city. Suddenly we saw a police car coming who chased the two young women away who sat there peacefully in the grass and ate a sandwich. I am sure that somebody from the houses around had called them, because in this area you seldom see a policeman. Some people are really disgusting. They hadn't done any harm. The two policemen went away after a few minutes and as they laughed I thought that's good for those who had called them !

We returned to Myriam and sat in the warm sunshine at her swimming pool and thought how lucky we were not to live in the city in a high rise building ! We were almost feeling like holidays. Of course we also keep the required distance, there was enough room for the three of us.

Otherwise each day is the same you can't go far unless you have to drive to  work, but then you have to have a document if ever a police control stops you.

Slowly slowly this vicious virus is arriving in all countries of the world and nobody knows how long this lockup will last !

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  1. Beautiful sunshine photos! Things don't seem so bad when the sun shines, somehow. Keep well!

  2. There has definitely been an increase in people walking on the open space by our house but it is still easy to keep a safe distance. The good weather this week has helped too and of course using technology to keep in touch. Not sure the little ones understand virtual hugs though.

  3. Everyone has to buy into the rules for this pandemic to stop. I used to think technology was stealing away true human contact but now I see how it is giving us at least some opportunities to communicate and stay in touch.

  4. I had to do some shopping today and there were a few people in the store. Not many though and it was all very civilised. It is no fun anymore though.

  5. Yes, it's getting tiresome and there is so much panic going around that I am thinking of not checking Facebook anymore. There's too much misinformation.

  6. I so hope the measures being taken will slow this thing down. Unfortunately not everyone here is complying. I'm afraid that will lead to stricter measures. I'm glad you got to get out for a bit and found everything you needed.

  7. We cannot walk with more than one person and that has to be someone from your household. A friend in Spain is not allowed out to walk only to go food shopping. I expect that will be the next stage for us!! Good news about your house but as you say everything is on hold at the moment.

  8. Wow the store is empty! I can get groceries with no problem, but never find toilet paper or hand sanitizer.
    Glad you enjoyed warm sunshine :-)

  9. The sunshine and walks look lovely. Its wonderful to get outside into the sunshine!

  10. We also have walked in our neighborhood and of course kept our distance. It's an extra blessing to have the sunshine.
    I'm glad you found the shelves restocked and full.

  11. It's quiet here. Too quiet, I think.


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