6 Nov 2019


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When I had posted the two car wash photos above, I suddenly thought that I don't know nothing about a car wash only that it washes cars. I started to google just to know who had invented the car wash and was surprised that when I googled in English it was two Americans from Detroit and when I googled in French it was a German inventor. So I still don't know who it was maybe somebody should google in Chinese and the inventor would be Russian. But !! I discovered something else during my surf through the net ! The Human Car Wash !!

An inventor has spent three years creating a human carwash, complete with rotating brush and emergency stop button.

Matti Paaso 70, from Helsinki Finland went through four prototypes to create the 4.750 Euro machine which he claims will help those in hospital and with mobility issues.

It is built with two motors which rotate the brush and move it up and down during the shower - similar to the brushes in a real car wash.

Mr Paaso claims the machine is fitted with two motors which control the rotating brush and the vertical movement of the brush

'It also has an emergency stop button and automatically stops after 15 minutes.'

He said : 'I designed it for people who have mobility issues, or are injured or are older and struggle to shower themselves.'

Mr Paaso hopes the unique shower instalment, which means users don't need to scrub with their hands, will fill a gap in the market.

Apparently the installation is very straightforward, with the machine simply having to be mounted. next to a shower

'The user can wash their entire body in two or three minutes, but as the brushes are designed for a gentle massage the normal washing time is about 10 minutes.

'One of the prototypes was trialled in a hospital for one month and they loved it.'

To operate the Humanwash, users must press the foot pedals or buttons installed on the side of the device.

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  1. How to put this politely? What about the bits where bacteria may grow and the brushes don't reach?

  2. Funny post! Can't imagine myself ever using it LoL

  3. I love this idea - no more worries about dropping the soap. I assume it just 'oozes' out of the brushes.
    I did have the same thought as Andrew - what about the 'fiddly' bits??

    Visiting from WW

  4. So funny! I would give it a try! :)

  5. Now this is more interesting than I could have imagined!

  6. This is very interesting! I think it's helpful for some people even though they may still need to wash some parts themselves.

  7. Learned something new today indeed!! Great pictures and explanations!


  8. I hope I won't have to deal with this.

  9. A human wash could be the laziest invention ever!

  10. I'm not sure that someone with mobility issues would actually be able to cope with such a machine lol

  11. Well that's a first. I suppose it might be good for a back massage.

  12. How interesting. Some people are so creative.


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