18 Nov 2019


We had married on October 11, 1969 and on this occasion we got an invitation from the mayor of our city to celebrate with other couples  this event on November 16.

We  got a list to fill in how we met and some anecdotes etc and then got back a list of the program to follow !

We had to have a driver and sit in the back of the car. Our son was our driver and our DIL and grandson went with our neighbor.

We had a special parking space where we had to wait and were then directed to entrance of the city hall where an orchestra in Napoleon's uniforms started to play when we had got out of the car !

Then we were conducted by a man (on the picture it looks as if the King and Queen arrive with their body guard),

Our mayor and us

and then we arrived inside and were greeted by the mayor and her aldermen with three kisses !

Here we listened to the speeches, she told little stories about each couple, and then we were invited to a reception with Champagne and nibbles.

 But first we got our gifts

Our son (the tall one) and our daughter in law just below him and our best friends

There was enough for everybody

Father, son and grandson

Mr. G. had booked a Brunch for our guests in an Italian restaurant called "La Trattoria". Two of my friends left the reception earlier to decorate the table with a yellow table cloth, a garland of red roses and a huge golden "50".

There was a big variety of  cold food as starters,  hot food  and three different kinds of cakes. It was all very good. Of course we were happy that everything went smooth.

Besides our family, my son his wife and grandson there were all our best friends. The one on below row left had been my witness 50 years ago !

After lunch we invited them all to have a drink at home.

Fortunately we managed to have space for everybody and some bottles of Champagne with or without alcohol disappeared !

From the City we have got a beautiful cristal vase and a Diploma for our 50th wedding  anniversary, in the treasure box our friends had put envelopes and the flowers were from my son.

and here I am with son, daughter in law and grandson, who had his 9th birthday the next day.

For Nonno and Nonna's wedding celebration he had put on a suit and was very proud. He is quite tall for his age, nearly 1.55 m and has the same shoe size as me !

This is the beautiful vase we got and Mr. G. wears the 50th ! We had a real nice day, but went early to bed, because we were rather  tired !

It certainly was an unforgettable day !


Andrew said...

You almost made me cry. Mr G out of his usual shirt and in a suit must remind you of the man you married. Your son is handsome and grandson nice. What a lovely day for you, well a weekend, and well done City of Waterloo.

Fun60 said...

I've never heard of a city doing that for its residents. It looked a really lovely special celebration with a beautiful gift. Your family looked so smart and proud of you both.

Tamago said...

Wow, that was a grand ceremony! You are so elegant in your black and white outfit and Mr. G looks dashing with bow tie! Glad you had a wonderful celebration with your friends and family. Congratulations and also happy birthday to your grandson!

William Kendall said...

Quite a celebration!

Linens and Royals said...

Such lovely photos and even a band playing and gifts. Your Mayor really knows how to throw a party.

diane b said...

Firstly, many congratulations. Secondly, how wonderful of Waterloo to honour its Golden Wedding residents. We have nothing like that here.It must have made it a very special day. We had to celebrate with mother's day and Fox's birthday, a bit like you and Toby. He sure is a tall handsome boy. Love the photos of you all. you look gorgeous and very young.

Wendy said...

Lovely photos. And how special that your town celebrates these anniversaries.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is just so wonderful! Huge congratulations to you two and what a wonderful thing for the City to do. Could not be a happier way to celebrate..(the after party, your own dinner and following at your own home was even better than what the city did ... the whole day just amazing!)

Barbara Harper said...

I so enjoyed reading about this! What a neat thing for your city to do. It looks like such a great time. I'm so happy Mr. G. is looking so good, so much better since his health troubles earlier this year. All the men in your family are so handsome!

Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! Looks like a truly unforgettable and special day.

Willow said...

Congratulations! Fifty years is a real accomplishment!
And your family men are handsome.