19 Oct 2019


Oh, OH or Oh! is an interjection, proclaiming surprise (emotion). That's at least the official explanation in Wikipedia.

I don't know if there are only three Ohs or more because you can use it in so many different situations.

1. I go in a restroom, open the toilet door and a woman is sitting on the throne, I quickly close the door in horror and scream "Oh".

2. Looking out of the window, it rains and I say "Oh" I have to take my umbrella.

3. I see little kittens in a basket and a deep "Oooh" eventually also Awww comes out of my throat.

4. In a restaurant I kick over the bottle of water and exclaim "Oh" (I am sorry)

5. Somebody rings at the door,  I open and say "Oh ... it's only you !"

6. Standing on a balcony on the third floor I admire a sunset and "Oh, is that beautiful" comes out of my mouth.

7. Somebody called my name, I answered and then quickly added, Oh, I am sorry I thought you were Mary.

8. Then occasionally you say "Oh ! you cut your hair"

9. Oh ! you got divorced I didn't know !

10. Oh sorry, I thought it was my chair.... when I took a chair and the person who wanted it too suddenly  sat on the floor.

Oh, I think I could continue but oh, it's late my bed calls me !

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Andrew said...

5. I am not sure I want to ring your doorbell if you greet me with, oh, it is only you.

William Kendall said...

Worse than oh it's only you is oh it's you with exasperation on the last word.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh, I just don’t know about this! (Not this post, I know it is witty, as your posts always are. Just, oh, you know....

peppylady (Dora) said...

Not sure when last time I use oh. But I recall dropping an item and could of said "Oh Oh"
Coffee is on

Mara said...

Oh oh, when you see something is going wrong and the person itself doesn't know it yet.

Maribeth said...

Oh! I did a post on the English language yester! LOL!

Tamago said...

Oh comes out of my mouth when I’m surprised or encounter something unexpected. I think I say Oh No and Oh I’m sorry often :-)

Wendy said...

Lots of uses for Oh! My most frequently used one at the moment is "Oh oh!" when playing with Grandson Rory - he has a set of stacking cups and loves me to build them up so he can knock them down. His favourite word at the moment? Again!