14 Oct 2019


I watch over his sleep

Hey it's dinner time, wake up !

Once he will get burnt ! I have warned him !!




The weekend was as awful as the whole last week, I felt a bit better and attacked the household scores which Mr. G. pretends not to be able to do, like pushing the button on the full dishwasher.

The only button in the house he really knows and loves to push on is the Microwave.

I felt weak and didn't go out because there was a terrible wind and a very humid weather. Today it was warm but cloudy, all not normal. Greta should marry Harry Potter and solve the climate problem once and for all !

For the last time (hopefully) I have put Oscar the lawn mower robot out and let him mow the lawn while I was busy with murder mysteries on TV. Mr. G. had to keep an eye on him, lately he bumped into a tree stump and stopped working.

Fortunately ours runs with a cord  and a plug !

In summertime I would have been out too

Now the weekend is nearly over and I hope to start a normal week again without carrying myself from bed  to sofa and sofa to bed !


Andrew said...

I wonder how Oscar does not chop up its own power cord. It is quite an old machine now.

Fun60 said...

I always admire your way of cutting the lawn. Hope you have a better week although the weather is set to be miserable all week.

Tamago said...

Such adorable photos of Rosie and Arthur together!
You have been sick for a while - I hope you get better soon. xo

Loree said...

I hope you feel better soon. That first photo of Rosie and Arthur is special.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Bummer you’ve been a bit under the weather and hope you are well and truly “back among the living “ by now. I bet I know one more button Mr G knows how to push ... the one on the TV remote. Just guessing (but I’d bet a large amount of money that I’m correct. ... I could make the same for any man!

Wendy said...

Lovely pics of your cats. Hope you're feeling better. We have some sunshine today which is very welcome after lots of rain!

William Kendall said...

Total cuteness. Much needed right now to see the cats