21 Oct 2019




Saturday I continued to "built" the Blog for our painting group. It's a long time ago that I have done this for me, and so many things have changed that it takes me longer then I thought. But now I have maybe half done.

As it was impossible to do some window shopping or just a little walk because it poured I went to Myriam and we talked about the different "Pouring" techniques, but with acryl and for our paintings and not like the heaven with water on us. It happens to be the same word.

The last pouring I did came out quite well, as you are never sure about the result.

It's a pity that I can't do it at home, because it is a very dirty procedure. But in summer I could do it on the grass or on the terrace.

On Sunday the weather was even worse and it rained non stop from morning til night ! Nicole had gotten an invitation to an exhibition of a friend and as it was inside, we went there. The house was in a little village full of old farms and the cobbled streets were so narrow that horse and carriage would just fit in it. Fortunately I have my cute little mini car a Toyota Aygo which slips through any obstacle but my Madame GPS got mad in this maze ! And we were not the only once !

When we arrived it also was an old farm completely modernized 

It rained too much to take a picture of the house, but I could make these once standing inside from the huge garden, almost a small park and the old horse stables which had been converted to her painting atelier. Must be a real paradise when it is warm and sunny.

Except the above elephants, the paintings were not to my taste, so I wandered around and looked more at the house's inside then the paintings.

We chatted a bit with the other visitors and then left, because we wanted to go to the cinema and watch "Downton Abbey"

We had tried at 4 pm but the the film was sold out, at 6 it was better, we arrived very early because a lot of people had the same idea then us.

I liked the film very much, but regretted a bit that it was only the romantic side of the film and nearly nothing about the social situation of the farmers and servants and other "ordinary" people. But we loved the dresses and the hats and the old grandma and had a real nice time.

Then we drove home, now it's already dark at 7 pm and it was 8.30. For the first time I took my "night glasses" out, which look like sunglasses but protect your eyes from the strong light of the headlights and street lights. Without them I would see trees where are none and no trees when there are ! Same with side streets. Thanks to these glasses I arrived home safe and sound.


  1. We got caught in the rain too on Saturday. I want to see Downton Abbey too but haven't got there yet. Your pouring came out very well!

  2. That food looks absolutely beautiful and delicious!

  3. I loved the movie, but felt so much was left out. That is because the movie would have been 5 hours long! They say they will make another movie! I bought my tickets in the morning and the cinema manager told me to come half an hour early to get a good seat! Our theater was packed. No empty seats!

  4. Oh my on all that yummy food. I had a bit of each.

    I want a pair of those glasses. I've the same issues with driving in the dark.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  5. Beautiful little farm, too bad about not enough elephants - MOL! Have a great week Gattina!

  6. The elephants particularly draw my eye.


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