25 Oct 2019


As usual the week started with our Scrabble group and this time it was Ilona's turn.
The game which looked so easy and full of possibilities turned out to be very difficult and took a long time ! We had to wait for our coffee and cake !

And while it was cold and rainy outside, it was very cosy and warm inside thanks to the fire in the stove.

I had got an email from the German embassy that my identity card and passport were ready and I went there 15 km to hear that I am too late it was 11 am. I had called before and they had told me that the office was open until 12, but not for picking up documents. I made a little show and insisted and finally I got both things and waved them good bye ! Now I am in peace for 10 years and finally I can travel again with a plane and a train !

While I was shopping for painting material I saw an advent calendar, very special, all little boxes glued together and you have to fill in yourself. As my grandson is very allergic to nuts I can't buy one with sweets because a little piece of a nut is enough for him to swell up and suffocate. I found some cute smilies to put them in the boxes with the date on, and also a few sweets I am 100 % sure that they don't contain any nuts !

Since Myriam and I are the "Presidents, Administrators "or whatever we have got 4 more members and now we have to pay attention that we are not too many in our group. Last year we had lost quite a lot of members. Now we have enough money to pay our teacher, the insurance and we even could buy a coffee machine, for our coffee breaks  !

In the evenings now, I have each day the same view, Rosie on the second floor and Arthur on the first on and close to the radiator !

Above you see Joƫlle teaching backgrounds in watercolors, besides those who paint what they want and with the material they want and then the "piggies" with their pouring. Mine from last week is to the left and I "poured" another one which has to dry and it is again the suspense how it looks when it is dry !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


susan said...

The Advent calendar you bought and filled is just perfect for someone with nut allergies. The nice thing about the toys is that they last much longer than a sweetie. And MY, aren't you on the ball getting that lovely chore taken care of already?!
Hurray that you were able to get your documents even though technically you couldn't. Going back on another day would have been such a pain.
Iy looks like you are having quite good fun with your pouring technique. And what a fun suspense it must be to see how each painting turns out.
Hurray on getting enough new members to pay your bills and get a coffee machine.
Have a good week, Gattina.

Wendy said...

I'm sure Toby will be delighted with his advent calendar. Nut allergies have to be taken seriously. Sounds like you may have to start a waiting list for the art sessions. Have a good weekend.

Schotzy said...

You certainly are the epitome of creative.. Beautiful art, grand idea for that Advent calendar... super cute find in those smilies!!!I agree nothing better than sitting by a cosy fire on a cold day! Have a great weekend!

William Kendall said...

The cats look quite comfortable there.

Barbara H. said...

The Scrabble board gets hard with stair-step words like that--it's hard to find a place to play off of.

Glad you finally got your travel documents!

We have a lot of kids in our church allergic to different things--nuts for some, eggs for some, strawberries for others, with some gluten or lactose intolerant. Makes you wonder what's going on in our environment that all these allergies are springing up everywhere. We've gone to using little toys for treats, too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Glad the painting group is doing so well. You two are good administrators. ! Love seeing the pictures of the results.

Willow said...

Hurray for getting your papers in order and not having to return another day.
I am always happy to see how you spend your weeks being busy with fun activities and creative outlets.
Have a good week!

Susanne said...

Oh my, glad you were able to talk them into handing over your documents. That would have been frustrating when you were told it was open until 12. Love that little fireplace in the living room. You cats made me smile as they claimed the warm spots.