23 Oct 2019


When I think of sunset serenity I think of the ride on a camel's back into the Sahara in Morocco.

Already the soft rocking on the camels back made me feel happy. Its name was Michael Jackson ! I never will forget the beautiful eyelashes it had !

The sand first white became more and more a deep yellow while the sun set slowly

and then it was there, it was just too beautiful ! I sat on my camels back and we listen to the noises of  the Sahara which spoke to us in a soft whisper. I could have stayed there for hours but it became dark very quickly and we had to return to our hotel.

While the sunset in Morocco was serene

you can't say that from the sunsets I have sometimes here, looking out of my kitchen window !

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  1. It is nice to see soft sunsets at times, rather than fire in the sky sunsets.

  2. I would love to see the Sahara someday. Beautiful shots!

  3. The photos from Morocco are incredible! The sunset is so beautiful but one from your kitchen window is gorgeous, too :-)

  4. Those first two photos are just breath-taking but the sunsets from your window are not too bad either. A camel named Michael Jackson! That's hilarious.

  5. I would love to see the Sahara one day soon. I imagine it to be so beautiful.

  6. This was great! You look so happy on your “ship of the desert” ... I am pretty sure not too many people of our generation would think of a camel ride as a serene experience and I absolutely love that you not only were brave enough to try it but loved it so much you were perfectly relaxed. Wonderful. (Your hometown sunset certainly is more wild than serene, but the colors are beautiful.)


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