8 May 2019


It's an advantage to be cross eyed ! I see treats twice !

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Pick up cat and hold her on left arm like a baby, open cat's mouth with right hand and put pill in. Keep mouth closed for a while, then release cat. You just have time to see pill spit out and rolling on the floor.

Pick up pill and cat and try it once more. Cat struggles and frees herself scratching your hand

While looking for plaster and disinfection lotion you just see cat disappearing under bed

Put on leather gloves, pull cat out from under the bed, keep her firmly in your arm holding paws and repeat operation. Cat jumps from your arm, leaves a scratch on your neck, disappears in the garden and the pill in the sink.

Take a new pill and call cat. After 2 hours, you see a tail. Jump on cat, keep her between your knees, and hold the paws with both hands. Ignore cat's hissing and call husband.

Husband opens cat's mouth wide put pill far in the throat and keeps it closed for 5 min. Cat protests. Sweat is over your whole body and you are breathless from effort. Cat bites husband, scratches you and disappears somewhere.

You call cat again, put bandages and plaster over husband and yourself, look for disappeared pill. Clean carpet from blood stains. Cat is sitting in neighbour's garden on a tree and watches you

When cat is back home, you take a syringe, delete the new pill in water, put on a thick jacket and leather gloves and try to get cat out of behind wardrobe with special catnip.

You catch her hold her on the floor with one arm and legs and shoot the liquid in her mouth.

Cat struggles, scratches, hisses and flees on the wardrobe. You collapse on your bed. Husband calls vet, tries to get cat from wardrobe with a ladder, falls down, breaks his arm.

You finally manage to get the cat in a cage, husband in the car, drive cat to vet for pill and husband to hospital for broken arm.

Your recovery takes 3 days and cat is happy and healthy, purrs and enjoys food.

Almost based on personal experience !

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Meditations in Motion said...

We don't have cats anymore, but I can relate. We used to have 2 Siamese - brother and sister - and they were definitely anti-pill! Thanks for the laugh!

Dan said...

This rings so true. Thanks for the chuckles (sorry for the degree to which it was a true story).

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Beautiful blue eyes! Magnificent!

John Holton said...

Vets never seem to have any trouble giving cats pills or clipping their claws. I don't know what it is, but they just grab the cat by the head, force open the mouth, and drop the pill in. With us, it was a full production number, and half the time they'd spit the pill out.

You know the directions for giving a dog a pill, right? Wrap it in bacon and throw it on the floor?

Pretty kitty!

Tamago said...

LOL LOL yes giving pill to a kitty can be quite a task! Luckily we currently don't have to pill our kitties and hope we won't have to!

William Kendall said...

I got quite a laugh out of those recommendations!

pilch92 said...

Such a cute kitty. I can relate to that story. I have 6 cats to medicate twice a day and I have the scars to prove it.

Andrew said...

While I've heard 'Giving a cat a pill' before, it is very funny.