14 May 2019


Every two years there is an orchid exhibition in the old "Moulin Banal" at Old Mill in a nearby located village "Braine le Chateau". I had never been there and took the opportunity to go and see the orchids.

This water mill dates from 1226. It belonged in half to the lord and the chapter of Sainte-Waudru in Mons.

The peasants of Braine-le-Ch√Ęteau and Haut-Ittre were obliged to come here and mill their grain, and paid a "banality" to the lord of the castle which still belongs to Count Cornet Ways Ruart, descendant of the family of the Counts of Robiano. The site has been classified since 1954 and the mill since 1970.

The mill as we know it today is made of arkoze stones or granite and local bricks. The buildings were remodelled and enlarged in the 18th century. This mill "worked" until 1947.

The mill

The mill  had three floors, with holes in it, but we didn't land on the first floor. The cord is not for hang up somebody but for the flour bags

There is not much to say except that I had never seen an orchid like the last picture left !

It was really a very beautiful exhibition. Unfortunately the prices were also beautiful ! But people bought !

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Fun60 said...

The mill makes a beautiful backdrop to those gorgeous orchids.

mamasmercantile said...

The mill looked amazing and made for a beautiful setting for those stunning orchids.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Yes it's a risk, isn't it? Paying a lot of money for an orchid, luckily ours are cheap ad chips here because even in our climate, I'm not doing very well at keeping them alive!
I would love to see this exhibition though what a wonderful day out!
Wren x

Maribeth said...

I've never seen such beautiful Orchids!
Oh, how I wish I did not have a black thumb! I seem to kill everything I touch plant wise!

eileeninmd said...


I love the old mill. The orchids are beautiful. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Lady Fi said...

Wow - fabulous!

William Kendall said...

A marvelous setting for an exhibition.