17 May 2019


As usual we started the week with our Scrabble. The sun suddenly decided to come out and it became so warm that we agreed to play on Nicole's terrace in the sunshine rather then inside at Mireilles'. We also had two birthdays to celebrate and before the game we had a glass of champagne.

Nicole's cat Isis checked the bag probably because it smelled my cats. Mireille had to borrow a hat the sun was so strong. She loves light because as she is half blind with a lot of light she sees better. We spent a very nice afternoon.

The next day while I drove to the clinic to visit Mr. G. my phone rang and they told me that he can leave the hospital on Tuesday ! When I arrived there was a young girl there,  the Social assistant who coordinates all the advices and prescriptions from all those who had taken care of Mr. G. I didn't understand a thing what she said and Mr. G was even worse. She didn't know anything, she replaced the one who was on maternity leave. I gave up and was very upset. Fortunately my helper Isabelle who saw me in this state of stress, told me that she will take care of everything. And she did.

When I came back from aqua gym and hairdresser, we sat in her garden and she explained me everything what has to be done for his coming home. She had hired a male nurse, a lady for the kinesitherapy, had called the insurance company for the papers they needed from the hospital etc etc. I don't know how to thank her !!

Then I prepared with the cleaning lady the house ! She put all rugs and carpets away, Isabelle brought crutches and a bath tub seat and now I think everything is ready. Can't put out a red carpet, if I don't want that he breaks the other hip !

Nobody was motivated for painting so we mostly discussed hip operations ! Four in my class had it done already. When I told them that Mr. G thinks that as soon as he is home he can hop around, doesn't need help for a kinetheterapy etc they all laughed. He just doesn't realize. Or he will be the miracle of the year.

We went together to the Asiatic Restaurant and had a nice meal.The owner has changed it belongs now to a Chinese lady. The kitchen is better, and some decorations had been done too.

At the entrance you are greeted by these two "gentlemen"

The garden had completely changed and looks absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately it was too cold to eat outside but it is for sure that we are going back when it's warm !

I am quite tired with all the stress preparing the homecoming of Mr. G. I realize that I am not so efficient anymore as I used to be. I have to write everything down otherwise I forget ! Hopefully the worst is over now ! Or it will start if I have to fight with him that he does what the doctors had said !

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Andrew said...

How is any ordinary person supposed to deal with such advice and paperwork. The system, here too, needs to be improved. Thank goodness you had someone experienced on your side.

I think you will have to be a strong mistress to Mr G right from the beginning. You can always be more kind later.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I bet your a good scrabble player.
Coffee is on

mamasmercantile said...

How nice that you have friends that can help you organize everything for Mr G's return. Hope all goes well.

Tamago said...

I'm so happy Mr. G can come home next week! Even with all the stress, I think it will only get better :-)

William Kendall said...

His recovery is going to take time.

Barbara H. said...

So glad Mr. G. is able to come home! It will still be challenge for him, but it's so much better to be home. How good to have a friend with you to help explain what was needed. Instructions from a doctor or nurse can be overwhelming.

DUTA said...

Wishing Mr G a smooth return home! You'll need a lot of patience to help your husband through the recovery stages, but I'm sure you'll both find the best way to do that.

Willow said...

Good news that Mr. G can come home! Let's hope he listens to the dr and works with the helpers, including you.
That Asian restaurant looks like a great place to eat and visit. You're making me hungry.
Enjoy your weekend--I hope you continue to have warm, sunny weather.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm glad Mr. G can return home. It will be difficult at first, but then things will go back to normal.

Sending you good wishes and prayers for a quick recovery!

Mara said...

Good luck with Mr G coming home. Hope he doesn't get too grumpy when he can't move around as much as he would like.

Loree said...

That is good news that Mr G is home. It will be hard work but I think it's better than having to visit the nursing home every day. At least Mr G will be in familiar territory and I am sure it will make him more cheerful and heal faster.